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Classical Music Radio in St. Louis

This poll seeks public input regarding what should be done about the classical music format on the radio in St. Louis, Missouri.

Regarding the take-over of 99.1 FM and the end of classical music over the airwaves in St. Louis, I would like citizens to:

64% (52) Continue to fight the take-over, filing a request for a hearing with the United States Supreme Court if necessary
61% (50) Continue to fight the take-over by pursuing grievance procedures with the FCC
46% (38) Organize a petition or other communication with area legislators seeking changes in laws to prevent such a take-over in the future
41% (34) Organize a letter-writing campaign to area newspapers and other media
23% (19) Organize a support group for those going through "withdrawal pangs"
29% (24) Organize a second candle-light vigil to express appropriate emotions regarding the take-over
23% (19) Organize other protest events, including non-violent civil disobedience (The poll maker does not advocate any illegal action, nor does he disrespect anyone for engaging in protest according to the American way.)
17% (14) Organize other protest events, *excluding* civil disobedience
0% (0) [Suggest other protest options:]

81 voters have answered this question.

I am aware of the American principle that the airwaves belong to the people.

90% (76) Yes
9% (8) No

84 voters have answered this question.

Regarding the rights, feelings, and needs of the residents of St. Louis (otherwise known as the public interest), I believe the FCC..

10% (9) Was completely responsive.
0% (0) Was somewhat responsive.
21% (18) Was not very responsive.
54% (46) Was not at all responsive.
14% (12) [No opinion (don't know)]

85 voters have answered this question.

Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statement: There must be a better way to manage what formats are available to radio listeners.

90% (75) Agree
9% (8) Disagree
0% (0) Don't Know/No Choice

83 voters have answered this question.

Regarding the future of station employees, I believe...

48% (39) they should all receive medals for meritorious service.
62% (51) the former station owner (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) owes them new jobs.
62% (51) they deserve letters of thanks from all listeners.
23% (19) they deserve a shower of gifts such as flowers, boxes of candy, trips to New York and Caribbean cruises.

81 voters have answered this question.

In terms of providing a classical music station for St. Louis in the future, I support the following option(s). More than one choice may be selected. (KWMU is operating a classical music station on a special digital frequency [special radio required] as well as streaming at their web site. Programming, however, does not originate locally.)

64% (53) Continuing to fight the take-over of Classic 99
35% (29) Splitting KWMU into two stations, one all-talk, the other all music -- classical
67% (55) Finding an "angel" to finance the take-over of another spot on the dial for a new classical music radio station
74% (61) Establishing a community radio station (listener-supported), with a classical music format
17% (14) Other

82 voters have answered this question.

Now that the usurping station has taken over the place of KFUO-FM on the dial...

0% (0) I prefer to "let by-gones be by-gones" and just get on with my life.
0% (0) By all means, efforts to protest or even reverse the take-over should be mounted.

0 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2010-05-22 19:04:16 by Patriotic Musician
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