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What would you do if you caught you spouse/mate in the ACT!

Can be answered by either sex....the act read ON!
If you came home to find your spouse/mate having sexual intercourse with one of your parents you would:
Laugh hysterically, more power to ya!!
Throw up my last meal, how revolting!
Cheer them on!! You go!!
Grab a bat and start swinging!
Shake hands with your parent and thank them! You've been lookin for a reason to get rid of them!
Wonder what relationship that makes you to your spouse now.
Grag some lube and join in....I've always wanted to do one of my parents.
Call the f-n police what do you think??
If you came home and found your spouse or mate having sexual intercourse with one of your best friends you would:
Go over to your best friends and throw yourself at their spouse.
Go screw both of their parents
Take pictures and post them on the internet.
Grab some jiffy and turn the dog loose.
Make my presence known and make and scene and leave.
Beat the hell out of both of them.
Sneak in and strip and then jump on the bed and join in.
Throw up my dinner and tell them both off!
NOthing....I'd strip and watch and get freaky with myself.
If you came home and found your spouse or mate with someone of their same sex engaged in sexual activities you would.
Take pictures and email them to everyone my spouse knows.
Pack my things and leave.
Check my own gender again and wonder what the hell I was thinking?
Scare the hell out of them and chase them out of the house naked.
Leave and never come back.
Scrub my genitalia down with bleach ... how long has that been going on??
Ask if i can join ...i could use some pointers ...obviously.
Nothing it happens all the time.
This poll was created on 2010-05-14 06:25:38 by BoiseChick3770