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Xmen vs JLA

xmen or justice league?
rogue (With super strength speed reflexes invulnerability & flight) or wonder woman
Rogue - WW's skin is vulnerable - Rogue's power + Ms. Marvel's power + WW's power = Goodnight shugah!
Rogue - good match but she has Ms. Marvel's espionage training & 6th sense! & she can life drain her!
WW - The Amazing Amazon can defeat Superman so she'd squish Rogue - no contest!
WW - equally matched but WW is trained like a Spartan & stronger than Heracles!
batman - wolverine
batman - he kix ass! & hes smart!
wolverine - hes beastly!
green lantern - jean grey
jean - shes the dark phoenix! - easy kill!
green lantern - he has the most powerfull weapon in the universe!
storm - fire & ice & poison ivy
storm - shes the incarnation of mother earth!
fire ice & ivy! fire & ice r kick ass & ivy is the right hand of mother nature!
phoenix - raven
phoenix - she can defeat galactus!
raven - shes the demon daughter of Trigon!
colossus & kitty - superman
colossus & shadowcat!
superman - no contest!
cyclops & gambit - green arrow & speedy
cyke & remy!
g.a. & speedy
quicksilver - flash
flash - no contest!
angel & emma frost - hawkgirl
angel & em! theyre both super kick ass! Especially the White Queen!
hawkgirl! Shes a powerhouse!
em & angel r a good match 4 hawkgirl... idk
scarlet witch & magik - silver sorceress & zatanna
scarlet witch & magik!
zatanna! shes the mistress of magic! & silver sorceress...
wolfsbane - vixen
wolfsbane! shes kickass!
vixen! - she can b any animal!
beast - beast boy
beast - hes a beast!
beast boy - he can b any animal!
namor - aquaman
aquaman! no contest!
dazzler & northstar - starfire
daz & northstar!
starfire! no contest!
psylocke - saturn girl
psylocke! she can kick shadowkings ass - she can kick saturn girls!
saturn girl!
What other characters should i put in the next quiz?
This poll was created on 2010-04-30 20:22:20 by MordSithCara