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I am a twenty three year old women who has been dating a forty four year old man for five years now. He has a 18 year old daughter. He says i have a mental problem that I get mad/upset over things he does for his daughter, who i might mention does not do the majority of what he ask her to do, she will not even clean her room when he ask. One year in the a summer month I started looking at laptops, well about three times a week I would go into his office and show him magazines and point out i could pick my own color for a dell and that is what i wanted my christmas present to be, well at christmas time I got an iou for my present bc he didnt have enough time to get me a laptop. WEll shortly after christmas he came home with an Acer laptop he got a really good deal on and asked me if that would be suitable, I said yes even though I had my heart set on a Dell because it was a present. Within six months of me getting my Acer he ordered his daughter a REd Dell laptop (which red is her favorite color). I got upset and he says it is ridiculous and I just hate his daughter. This same scenario has happen several times but the biggest one has been here recently. Back in 2009 he got a Kentucky derby package for two, at the time we were broken up so he decided to take his daughter. In January she happen across the Barnstable Brown party, which she ask to go to. They emailed back and forth and he said yes but not to tell me about it. WEll since the economy went down he has been trying to budget his money on things we do. I found out and voiced my opinion about it and ask him not to go to the Barnstable Brown party because the tickets were 1200 dollars a peice. He then again said i was wrong and pursched the tickets after our discussion. Since then he has rented a tux bought her three dresses, shoes and called me to see what I thought about buying her some jewerly, well then again I got upset because she takes care of nothing she has or loses it and I also have been asking for a bangle braclet for four years now and it was never in the budget or he never thought about going to get it. Am i wrong or what?

Am I wrong?

0% (0) yes, you have issues
100% (1) no, he has issues
0% (0) both of you are wrong

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This poll was created on 2010-04-29 00:41:47 by Lindsey24
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