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Sheva Alomar vs Ada Wong

(Bracket 2) Best female resident evil character Sheva vs Ada winner advances to fight Claire or Jill. Sheva and Ada meet in the octogon, Sheva wearing her BSAA outfit and Ada wearing her classic red dress. Both characters are flexible, acrobatic, and have great reflexs. *DING* th match is on it's way.

Ada and Sheva take the center of the octogon quickly vetting into the match

28% (2) Ada slips a lightning fast straight to Sheva's face making a small cut on her upper lip
71% (5) Sheva lands a clean shot to Ada's stomach causing her to bend over

7 voters have answered this question.

Ada gains the advantage and gets Sheva in a tight headlock

42% (3) Ada takes Sheva's head and slams it down on the mat
57% (4) Sheva grabs both of Ada's legs and delivers an earthshaking slam

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Sheva and Ada end up on the ground with Sheva on the top.

57% (4) Sheva has a fierce look on her face as she lands shot for shot on Ada's face
42% (3) Ada sat up and grabbed Sheva's hair and ferociously head butt her

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The fight was coming to an end and it was the worse for __________

71% (5) Sheva landed a zipping fast Twist kick causing her to stumble back, Sheva then ran towards Ada and jumped on her shoulders finishing it off with a devastating a perfect skullcrusher ending the match
28% (2) Ada began to rain blows to Sheva's body and face and to top off her amazing combo she threw a powerful fan kick to Sheva's body then a fight ending roundhouse

7 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2010-04-04 14:02:06 by 242332
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