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Jill Valentine vs Claire Redfield

Jill Valentine vs Claire Redfield hand 2 hand fight Claire wearing her darkside chronicles outfit Jill wearing her RE3 outfit Claire arrived in the arklay mountains on her motorcycle in search for her brother Chris. Jill was exploring the outside of the mountain when she saw the figure in the shadow. She was 5'5 and was about 22 yrs old

Claire and Jill began to square off.

55% (5) Jill caught Claire square in the face with a hook
44% (4) Claire landed a knee straight to Jill's stomach

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Claire landed a kick to Jill's hamstring causing her to kneel down

44% (4) Jill reverses it by tackling Claire to the ground
55% (5) Claire puts Jill in a headlock and wraps long legs around Jill's body

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Jill got Claire pinned on the ground

66% (6) Claire rolls Jill over and starts landing blow after blow
33% (3) Jill chokes Claire till her eyes began to turn red

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Both girls manage to stand up

55% (5) Jill lands an uppercut to Claires lip then capitalizes with a roundhouse ending the fight
44% (4) Claire connects to Jill's face with 2 jabs stunning Jill she finished the fight by getting behind Jill and applying a rear naked choke on her

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The winner

55% (5) (if you picked Jill to win) Claire began to crawl away from Jill but Jill grabbed her by the waist of her short shorts and pulled her back. Jill planted her boot on Claires back and grabbed her arms and pulled, "AEEEHH, JILL PLEASE STOP!" Claires screams and pleads didnt help Jill replied "Pathetic tramp." a really hard tug then let go. The fight was over Jill won.
44% (4) (if you picked Claire to win) Claire let go of the sleeper but Jill wasn't finished yet. Claire giggled and laughed at Jill's poor efforts to get up. When Jill was finally on her knees Claire pulled her head up by her hair and slapped her across the face. Claire then flipped Jill so that she was laying on her back and planted her heel on Jill's chest and bent over she stared at Jill's face but at the same time pressing her heel in harder. Jill screamed "AHHHH, CLAIRE GET OFF." Claire gave one last press and let go "You never stood a chance." Claire won the fight

9 voters have answered this question.

Who do you think would've won in a real fight

72% (8) Jill Valentine
27% (3) Claire Redfield

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