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What Will Happento Your Life?

What will happen in 2012?
The earth's core overheats causing lava explosions across the face of the planet.
The world floods, drowning most people and some will inevitably be eaten by sea creatures.
Most of us will magically turn into Wizards or Fairies, but still end up dying because our power cannot hold off the impending doom.
The world becomes overrun by carnivorous animals and plants, and they eat all of mankind, except one man and one woman who mate with the plants to create a superbeing that takes over the world.
What will happen to Florida in 2012?
Florida will break off from America and float up the Gulfsteam but Iceland will prevent it from entering the Arctic Cirle.
Florida will break off from America and attach to Spain and it will be ok because everyone here already knows Spanish.
Florida will break off from America and float down stream next to South America and become the "New Zealand of the Atlantic."
Florida will become America because the rest of the USA will be destroyed.
What will happen to your own life in 2012?
You will narrowly avoid disaster by jumping in a space shuttle with some astronauts trying to escape Earth. You will be a part of the new first colony formed on Mars. There used to be rivers on Mars.
You steal a small airplane and fly around the world until the commotion calms down. You then land the plane, live off the land in the Amazon rain forest. You find a discreetly dressed person of the opposite sex who you seduce and together you start an indigenous tribe and eventually repopulate the earth.
You put on your scuba gear and start to dive as fast as you can. You find the lost underwater city of Atlantis. The city begins to rise and you become the sole ruler of a golden city whose only inhabitants are mer-people.
You die. But God smiles favorable upon your life of dedication and carries your lifeless body to heaven where you become a fierce Angel of the Lord. Under your direct rule in heaven will be Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs and all large cats. You ride on their backs anywhere you desire, traveling swiftly through the land of honey and marshmallow fluff.
This poll was created on 2010-03-19 20:59:17 by dhydration