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Teen Babysitter Discipline Advice

Hey I'm Kyra. I'm 15, and I babysit some bratty kids. There's this one boy he's 16 and he has a crush on me. I'm sick of his advances and not doing as he's told he's pissing me off. I get the belt at home a lot and I have permission from his parents to discipline him so I thought a spanking might work but I've never done it before. Advice anyone? If I get silly responses I might have to stop sitting him or something...
How should I punish him?
Spank him?
Make him do chores for me?
Humiliate him in front of my girlfriends?
Make him rub my feet?
Make fun of his privates?
If you said chores, what should I make him do?
If you said humiliate him in front of my girls how?
Spank him?
Let them spank him?
Make him rub my feet?
Make him kiss my feet?
Make him kiss their feet?
Make him worship me?
Strip him naked and tease him?
Should I dress provocatively to humiliate him?
No, just jeans and a cute t-shirt
No, my school uniform
Yes, jeans and a bikini top
Yes, cute lil black dress
Yes, camisole and bikini briefs
Yes, kilt & lace bra
Yes, bikini! :)
If you said yes to spanking him what should I spank him with? You can suggest a number of swats in the box beside each implement if you want.
My bare hand
My sandal sole
My hairbrush
My leather belt
A ping pong paddle
My daddys leather punishment strap
A wooden spoon
A hickory (switch)
My daddys leather paddle
A length of electric cable
Metal spatula
Is spanking him bare bottom too embarassing?
It is in front of my girls
Hell no he deserves it
What reaction do we want from the spanking?
Spank him till my/our arms are too tired?
Cornertime should I?
Make fun of him?
Make him thank me/us?
Make him kiss my/our feet?
Ask for extra chores?
If you were me what would you do? How would you do it?
How many of the implements should I use if I spank him?
Wanna hear how it goes?
This poll was created on 2010-03-14 14:12:10 by Kyra13