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Attack on America Opinions Poll

Here's a series of questions on the events surrounding the recent terrorist activities and the bombing of Afghanistan. I thought it would be interesting to hear the answers to many of these questions.
First of all, What gender are you?
I'd prefer not to say
Age group?
under 10
over 60
I'd prefer not to say
Where do you live?
Middle East
I'd Prefer not to Say
Okay, now the real questions. When you first saw the coverage of the planes attacking to WTC towers, what did you think/feel?
Complete shock and anger
Complete shock and fear
Complete shock and happiness
Complete shock and confusion
Complete shock and sadness
Just shock
Just fear
Just anger
Just sadness
Just relief
Just happiness
Just confusion
I felt nothing
I'd prefer not to say
When you first heard that the Americans had bombed Afghanistan, how did you feel?
Just as sad as when I saw the attacks on the WTC towers
I didn't really care
I was outraged
I felt great!
I felt a bit sad but you gotta do what you gotta do
I'd rather not say
Do you know anyone directly (ie, a friend or relative) who died in the WTC or Pentagon?
I'd rather not say
Did you know anyone indirectly (ie a friend of a friend, a friend of a relative, a distant cousin, etc) who died?
Rather not say
Would you fly?
Absolutely not!
If I absolutely had to...
Yes but I'd be very nervous
Sure, why not?
I'd love to jump on a plane right now!
Rather not say
Do you think that Bin Laden and the al Queda are behind the terrorist attacks?
I'm 100% sure they are.
I'm pretty sure they are.
I guess they are?
I have my doubts
I'm pretty sure they aren't.
I'm 100% sure they aren't.
Do you think that killing Bin Laden is a good idea?
Yes, he deserves to die
Yes, for America's protection
I'm not sure
No, it would only raise his status to martyr
No, Bin Laden is innocent
Do you think that the US should stop bombing for the Islamic Holy Month?
Yes, but they should continue when it's over
Yes, and they shouldn't start again after
I'm not sure
No, they should continue the same
No, they should go stronger
No, but they should tone it down during the holy month
What do you think of the food drops?
A great idea, shows how kind America is
A great idea, just not well thought out
A pathetic idea, only done to try and make America look good
Not sure
Do you think that the terrorists who drove the planes were cowards?
Yes, complete cowards
Yeah they were sorta cowardly
I'm not sure
No they were kinda brave
No they were very brave
Do you think that the US on some level provoked the attacks? (Not deserved, provoked)
No, the US is a good country that has done no harm
I'm not sure
Yes, the US has been kind of mean to other countries
What do you use as a primary news source for information regarding current events?
The TV (American news)
The TV (International news)
The Radio (American)
The Radio (International)
The Newspaper (American)
The Newspaper (International)
The Internet (CNN, etc)
The Internet (Independant/Alternative News Sites)
My Friends and Family
I don't follow the events
Do you feel vulnerable to terrorists?
Yes, I worry constantly
Yes, but I try not to worry too much
A little
Not really
Not at all
Do you think that Bush is handling this well?
Yes, he's done the best we could ask for
Yes, he's done better than most would
Yes, he's not been too bad
He's done so-so
No, he could have done better
No, He's not done well at all
No, I can't imagine anyone doing worse!
I'm not sure
Before the WTC attacks, did you know anything about Bin Laden, the Taliban, etc?
I hadn't even heard of em
I knew a little but not much
I knew enough I suppose
I knew quite a bit
I knew as much as I know now
I knew everything there is to know!
Do you think that turning to patrotism is a good solution?
Yes, God Bless America!!!
If it helps, but it's not much real help
It doesn't hurt but...
No, that only leads to more hate
Do you fly a flag, post stickers, etc?
I want to
I'd rather die
Do you think that military action is good?
Yeah, the US needs to take revenge
Yeah, the US can't just sit back and be pussies
I dunno
No, it won't accomplish anything
No, violence is always wrong!
What do you think of people voicing their dissent? (Talking against America)
It's wrong and evil and this is not the time
It's not smart but they have the right to dissagree
I'm not sure
It's fine with me
People should voice their dissent!
Do you think that the death toll of civilians in Afghanistan will surpass that of civilians in America? (Keep in mind that after two weeks of bombing, there are 400 confirmed civilian deaths in Afghanistan as a result)
Definitely, It will probably be double that by 2002
I'm not sure
I don't think so
Absolutely not.
What do you think of civilian deaths in Afghanistan?
Just as tragic as those who died in the WTC buildings
A horror!!
Unfortunate but neccessairy
Sweet revenge!
I don't care
I don't know
Do you think that the US should let the UN in to feed the starving Afghanis?
Yes! Definitely!
Maybe for a short time
I'm not sure
No I don't think so
Absolutely not!
Do you think the US knew about the attacks on teh WTC and pentagon beforehand?
Yeah they knew all the details all along
They probably had some idea
I'm not sure
I don't think so
Of course they didn't
Do you think there will be another attack like the ones on 9/11?
Yes, absolutely
I'm not sure
Definitely not
Do you think this will result in WW3?
I dunno
This poll was created on 2001-10-23 06:07:55 by kimikiness