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This poll is self-explanatory, just random questions of random things that could happen, and you have the choice of what you would do.
If you were walking down the road, and someone that you didn't like/hated was about to get hit by a car(not looking where he/she was going), what would you do?
Keep walking
Watch and Laugh
Push them outta the way and sacrifice your life
Let's say you were in a movie theater watching your favorite movie, and there is some idiot who keeps talking and yelling, and you were annoyed about it, what would you do..?
Tell him/her to shut up
walk out of the movie theater
beat the crap outta them
If you were in a bad situation where you were holding on to a family member and friend with both arms, and you had to let go of one of them to save the other..what would you do?
Drop your family member, and save your friend
Drop your friend, and save your family member
Drop them both and say,"The hell with it"
Let's say 2012 theory is true, and we are all going to die on December 12th, 2012, what would you do?
Cause as much chaos as possible and do what ever the hell you want with limited time
Try to survive and find people you know and try to survive with them
Give up and die
Ok, let's say you're computer crashes one day, and you don't know what to do; you're frustrated, what do you do?...
Sit there and cry like a pussy
pick up the computer and throw it out the window
get a new computer
Let's say you had a cat and it just ripped up your Ipod earbuds and caused other chaos around your house, you get pissed, what would you do..?
grab the cat and punt it outta the house
throw it into incoming traffic
shoot the cat with RAP68 Shotgun
nothing...what are you some sick bastard?
A zombie apocolypse has been going on for an hour and you're hiding in a small warehouse with some random people that you've never seen, you've got a(slut, wannabe gangsta, emo kid, biker, and a metalhead) what do you do..
Kill off the slut, wannabe gangsta and emo kid and let the other guys help
kill them all off with an AK47 Machine gun
Leave and fight alone
You're in the kitchen and you are about to take the last cookie, and the only person standing in your way is your brother/sister, what do you do?
Fight for it, and kill them in the end
let them have it
get a .40 Caliber pistol and shoot their brains out
stare at each other awkwardly and both walk away
You're in a park and 3 drug dealers ask if you want some weed, you reply..
"No thanks"
"Hell f***ing yeah!"
Shoot them all and grab the weed and run
Slit their necks and piss on them when you're done and grab the weed and run
walk away
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This poll was created on 2010-03-11 21:51:28 by TheBerzerker2031