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Your waitress uniform Girls only

There are many types of uniforms worn in restaurants. Some conservative and some sexy. This is to see what you wear or would wear on the job. Also does your uniform have any effect on your job. Girls only please.
You are
Female, please continue
Male, please leave or check results
Do you currently work as a waitress or have you done it in the past?
Currently working as a waitress
Not currently but within the last 5 years
More than 5 years ago
How long have you worked as a waitress?
1 year or less
2 to 5 years
6 to 10 years.
More than 10 years
Your current age
15 to 18
19 to 21
22 to 25
26 to 30
31 to 35
36 to 40
41 to 45
46 to 50
Over 51
Do you like wearing your uniform?
Yes I like it
No I wish it was different
I would rather not wear a uniform
What does your uniform consist of?
Blouse or shirt with buttons in front
Top without buttons in front
Tank top
Tube top
Other type of top
Long pants
Capri pants
Shorts not too short
Very short shorts
Long skirt
Knee length skirt
Mid thigh miniskirt
Top of thigh miniskirt / microskirt
Slit skirt
Other type of pants or skirt
Is your uniform tight fitting or loose fitting?
Tight Top, bottom, or both?
Loose. Top, bottom, or both?
Describe your uniform more fully.
If you could make changes to the uniform what would they be?
Tighter Top, bottom, both
Looser. Top, bottom, both
More covering / less revealing
Less covering / more revealing
Shorter skirt
Longer skirt
Higher neckline
Lower neckline
Pants instead of skirt
Skirt instead of pants
Any other changes you would like to make?
Do you think that your uniform affects the tips your customers give you?
No not at all. Service determines tips, not the uniform.
A more covering uniform looks more professional so I get better tips.
I have a skimpy uniform and it might make some customers tip more
Depends on the night and / or the time
I know that the more I show the better the tips will be
Does your uniform leave any of your mid section bare?
Yes all the time. Top ends above waist
Sometimes. Top ends at waist
No never
If you wear a short skirt do you think that your customers can ever see your panties?
Depends on how I move. I try to avoid showing my panties.
Yes if I move a certain way. Sometimes I try to show my panties
It doesn't bother me if my panties show and I don't think about it
No my skirt is long enough to cover my panties or I wear pants
Do you think that showing your panties would affect the tip you get?
No not more or less
Could decrease the amount of the tip
Could increase the amount of the tip
Depends on the customer or the night
Lets say that the restaurant decided to get more sexy with uniforms. What would you do if the new uniform was a tank top and shorts or a top of thigh miniskirt?
I would quit
I would wear that if it was required
I would like the change
That is what I wear now
What if the new uniform was a bikini bathing suit?
Not for me. I would quit
I would wear it if that was required
Sounds good to me
I wear that now
Or if the new uniform was a bra and panties?
Time for me to go elsewhere
Only if that was the requirement but I would rather not
I wouldn't have a problem
I think I'll suggest it to my boss
Okay ladies, what if the new uniform was topless?
No, no way
Only if I really need the job
Sure, not a problem for me
Can I wear less?
And now what if the new uniform was only an apron and shoes but no other clothes?
I'm gone. Hire someone else
I need the job so I will do it
Working almost nude would be okay for me
I would suggest getting rid of the apron
And what if the new uniform was only shoes but otherwise fully nude?
Not a chance for me
I still need the job so okay I'll do it
Being nude should get me more and better tips. It wouldn't be a problem for me
I would love to work nude. Saves on laundry and buying uniforms.
Anything else you would like to tell me? Suggestions for new questions? Topics for future polls? Leave an e-mail address if you want to talk more.
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This poll was created on 2010-03-08 20:02:26 by Donmon