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Soul Calibur heroines, heroes and more

A poll about Namco's 'Soul' series: heroines, heroes, weapons, games, opinions and more!
Who is your favourite Soul Calibur heroine?
Seung Mina
Ivy Valentine
Cassandra Alexandra
Who is your favourite Soul Calibur hero?
Siegfried and/or Nightmare
Others: Dampierre, Yunseong, Olcadan, Edge Master, Charade, Inferno etc...
What is your favourite Soul Calibur weapon?
Ivy's snake sword
Taki's daggers (Reki-Maru and Mekki-Maru)
Sopitia's (and Cassandra's) swords and shields
Xianghua's Chinese sword
Hwang/Yunseong etc's curved Chinese swords
Voldo's katars
Tira's ring blade
Mitsurugi's katana
Maxi/Li-Long's nunchuks
Yoshimitsu's katana and standard
Seung Mina's zanbatou (halberd)
Kilik's rod
Rock/Astaroth's giant axes
Cervantes' twin swords
Siegfried/Nightmare's massive swords
Zasalamel's giant scythe
Raphael's (and Amy's) rapiers
Talim's elbow blades
Setsuka's sword and umbrella
Dampierre's hidden bladed wrist weapons
Hilde's short sword and spear
Olcadan's 'The Ancient'
Which ultimate weapon do you prefer: The evil sword Soul Edge, or it's purifying 'spirit sword' counterpart, Soul Calibur?
Soul Edge!
Soul Calibur!
What is your favourite 'Soul' series game?
Soul Edge (Soul Blade)
Soul Calibur
Soul Calibur II
Soul Calibur III
Soul Calibur IV
Soul Calibur Legends
Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny
Which game's opening did you like best?
Soul Edge / Blade ! (with that catchy theme song- "Got to get to edge of Soul Edge...")
Soul Calibur ! (I love the way you can customise who appears in each segment! Dramatic!)
Soul Calibur II ! (a dramatic movie opening that introduces all of the characters well.)
Soul Calibur III ! (long cinematic movie follows new-look Siegfried around on the field of battle, being stalked by the new guy... Plus, see evil Tira kissing ravens, and small cameos for everyone else.)
Other ! (SCIV and others...)
What is your favourite win pose and quote out of the following?
Mitsurugi's "You'll be in hell... before me!"
Yoshimitsu's "Nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu..."
Voldo's very theatrical bow... complete with a hiss and his butt-up-in-the-air pose o.o
Xianghua's "Justice will prevail... Just kidding!"
Ivy's "This sword is my treasure!"
Setsuka's "Fear me, for I am a demon."
What is your opinion of the... ahem... increasingly overt sexualisation of the girls in Soul Calibur IV?
Hot girls... Yeahhhhh!!! Awesome.
I like sex appeal, but I think it's maybe a bit over-the-top this time... (They're just too big...)
I'm a girl and used to love the series for its strong female protagonsists. So I found this quite alienating, really.
I'm not a girl, but I also found it offensive.
I don't care. Whatever... I've grown used to expecting this sort of thing now.
I don't think it's important... Whether I liked it or disliked it, it wouldn't make a difference to me buying the games or not.
Sorry, what was that? Ivy's new appearance has... made me go... quite blind... *(either in the "Whoohoo, super-cleavage!" or, "Good god, my poor eyes!" sense)
Okay, it's all about Ivy, now... What are your opinions on the changes made specifically to Ivy over time? (pick which phrases best apply)
She was always my favourite Soul Calibur character. I don't like what they've done with her lately.
She's my favourite Soul Calibur character, and I *love* what they've done with her now... hehe!
She was never my favourite... I've actually always hated Ivy.
I liked Ivy's earlier physique... In Soul Calibur II and III she got a little chunkier... but in Soul Calibur IV the 'enlargements' they've given her look really distorted :(.
Ivy's costumes have gotten better!
Ivy's costumes have gotten worse!
Ivy's story keeps getting better and better! (It's not just her looks that make her so cool :D)
Ivy's story became a bit redundant- shouldn't she logically die at the end of Soul Calibur II? (*she was on a quest to destroy all traces of Soul Edge, which therefore should have naturally included herself, also). Not that I really wanted her to die, of course....
Isabella is such a pretty name... (oh wait that didn't have anything to do with the original question)
Whether or not they've developed Ivy's story well in recent games (since SCIII seemed to shift the focus back to Siegfried/Nightmare); she still has one of the best backstories out of all of them in my book :).
Ivy who? I only play Tekken! Talk about someone else... Why all the love for Ivy? Why not Talim..? Grrr... snarl... I don't care about Ivy!
Still on the subject of Ivy, what is your favourite type of costume for her, out of the styles they have put her in over the course of the series?
Ivy's main gold and purple dominatrix-look, SCI-III inclusive (even though SCIII's is white by default)
Ivy's main gold and purple dominatrix-look, with slight preference for how it looked in the original Soul Calibur (with blue bustiere)
Ivy's main gold and purple outfit, as depicted in SCIV's more revealing redesign (i.e. made out of nothing but thin string-like straps)
Ivy's more 'masculine' player 2 outfit looks, such as the original Soul Calibur's red matador-like outfit and SCII's heavy blue admiral coat outfit.
Ivy's elegant 'evening wear' player 3 outfit style, such as the long, luxurious, trailing red satin dress from SCII.
Ivy's 'veiled noblewoman' look from her player 2 costume in SCIII (posh hat, lace veil; a style that makes it seem Ivy has either dressed up for the horse races or a funeral.)
Ivy's player 2 outfit from SCIV (generic black dress)
Which did you like better: 'original' Raphael, or 'dark prince' (vampiric) Raphael?
Original Raphael Sorel in SCII
'Evil' Raphael Sorel in SCIII
Voldo: Love him? Hate him?
I LOVE him!!! He's great fun to play as, has the coolest moves and physicality, and as an added bonus he creeps all my rivals out hahaha...
Ew... that rasp, that codpiece... Just... ewww...
I liked him better when that ugly rasp was more like heavy, hissing breathing (back in the original Soul Calibur). But I still like it when he does that 'fish flapping around out of water' pose!
His personal hygiene is likely non-existent, living in a dark money pit all by himself. Plus if he goes around with scissors attached to his hands all the time catching rats blindly in the dark, I'd be afraid for my safety.
Voldo is like the closest thing we'll ever have to a gay SM fetish virtual icon x x x x (and so devoted to his master, too)
Voldo... isn't that a make of car?
You're on a desert island surrounded by maurauding pirates. Who would you pick as your ally to keep you safe from harm?
Cervantes, on the grounds that as a pirate himself he probably knows how to deal with it (okay, but who are you kidding? He's probably going to actually be one of the maurauding pirates...)
Ivy, due to her sworn enmity with at least one pirate... (but we just hope she doesn't kill you on the spot for mentioning your interest in finding Soul Edge... or for looking at her funny...)
Taki, you know, because being a ninja she can sneak around and take them all out quickly one by one. (She's rather serious though, so I wouldn't get any ideas about there being any chance romance if you're so inclined.)
Xianghua. She's all happy and upbeat and stuff, and has a really pretty face if you're going to be stuck on an island looking at any one person for a long period of time. And her swordsmanship is second to no-one.
Mitsurugi. Pirates might have guns, but this samurai swordsman fears no guns and will leap into the fray striking them down with his katana first! ...So what if he gets the occassional bullet wound in the shoulder hear and there? At least he has a kind of rugged handsomeness, and you won't mind too much if you have to dig them out for him...
Voldo. Um... because he will skillfully weave and dart amongst the bullets like magic? Because he will scare the pirates off? Because his senses are so fine-tuned, making him the perfect guy to be teamed up with for survival? Because unlike everyone else, you don't have to make too much conversation with him if you don't want to?
Talim. Maybe you'll have the wind gods on your side, and the pirates' ships will be blown away from both of you?
Kilik. He seems like a dependable sort. And if the pirates take too much of an interest in such a beautiful young man, you'll protect him!
Seung Mina. Because you've always wanted to be stranded on a desert island with a pretty 'girl next door' type, and her skills are good enough that she'll probably keep the pirates at spear's length away from you both for a while. (Then she'll probably do that annoying hop thing and remark, "That was easy!")
Raphael Sorel. Because he's like a hot vampire, and we just like those... Dark prince versus evil pirates! Sounds like a movie just waiting to happen....
What do you think about guest characters in the 'Soul' series? Who are your absolutely LEAST favourite ones?
Necrid (contributed by Todd McFarlane for SCII. When series staff were asked about his absence from later games, they replied, "Necrid has gone on vacation.")
Todd McFarlane's Spawn (appeared exclusive to the X-Box version of SCII)
Heihachi (from Namco's own Tekken series of fighting games; appeared exclusive to the PS2 version of SCII)
Link (from Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series; appeared exclusive to the Gamecube version of SCII)
Yoda (from Star Wars; appeared exclusive to the XBox 360 version of SCIV)
Darth Vader (from Star Wars; appeared exclusive to the PS3 version of SCIV)
I love all guest characters! Why not?
I hate all guest characters. They just don't fit in.
What, no girls? Hey Namco, put Witchblade in these games or something if you're going to keep doing this guest character thing! (*Or put an 18th century version of KOS-MOS in... fun!)
What is your opinion on the way the 'Soul' series has gone over time?
I love it... it just keeps getting better and better!
I hate it... It used to be great but it's gotten worse over time in some ways.
It was my favourite game around the time of Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur II, but I'm not as into it lately.
I've only really been paying attention to the series from around the time that Soul Calibur IV came out, and I love it!
I think it's pretty much stayed the same...
I don't care.
This poll was created on 2010-02-23 10:35:23 by shadowplay