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HeadScissors - Females to Males (Females Answer This)

This poll is specially about the headscissors move performed by females to males to crush them or submit them. Please, females answer this and let the world know how you feel about it.

Which is your favorite headscissors you'd love to perform on a male ?

10% (48) Standing Headscissors
29% (140) Front Headscissors
41% (199) Reverse Headscissors
5% (27) Rear Headscissors
13% (63) Figure-4 Headscissors

477 voters have answered this question.

What do you love the most about holding a male in a headscissors ?

29% (133) The control you have over him
16% (76) The pain you can put through on him
7% (34) Nothing particular, I just love scissoring in general
29% (134) His desparate efforts to get out of the hold
16% (74) I feel ecstatic just at the thought of scissoring a male

451 voters have answered this question.

What age do you like in males whom you love to headscissor ?

34% (156) I like to headscissor every male on earth!
9% (44) I prefer only old men who have very less resistance power
32% (146) I prefer men of about my own age
23% (107) I like to scissor only young guys / boys who are younger than me

453 voters have answered this question.

You have put some man/boy in a headscissor and you feel you need to teach him a lesson. What will you do ?

8% (37) I'd scissor him without much pressure just to prove that I can out wrestle him anytime
14% (63) I'd scissor him with some pressure to show him that I could control him anytime
21% (94) I'd scissor him with a lot of pressure to make him fear my scissors, but wouldn't want to injure him
30% (131) I'd scissor him with a lot of pressure and would scissor him very hard until he gets knocked out cold
5% (26) I'd scissor him very hard with all my power until I feel he has lost resistance due to some internal injury or perhaps I'd make sure I injured his neck or hurt him enough to put him up in a hospital for days or wear a neck brace
19% (83) I'd scissor him with all my might, with no regards to his welfare. I'd squeeze the life out of him and wouldn't hold back even if I broke his neck or he was bleeding. I'd continue to scissor him mercilessly and hold him scissored for as long as I wish without even caring if he's alive or dead

434 voters have answered this question.

Explain how you would like to scissor a male and what would you do if you hated him with all your life ?

No graph available for this question

123 voters have answered this question.

Where would you like to place your victim's head/neck when you put him in a headscissors ?

3% (16) Between my feet
4% (17) Between my calves
3% (14) Between my knees
4% (17) Between my lower thighs
84% (357) Between my upper thighs, close to the crotch

421 voters have answered this question.

How strong do you think is your headscissors when fighting against a male of similiar or smaller height and weight compared to you ?

6% (25) I can scissor him hard, but may not be able to dish out real pain
10% (44) I can scissor him hard and give him pain though may not be able to injure him
37% (150) I can scissor him very hard and can knock him out or injure his neck
23% (94) I can crush his neck and squeeze the life out of him
22% (91) I can easily break his neck and squeeze so hard that I can separate it from his body

404 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2010-02-04 16:06:38 by MWF4N
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