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Under what circumstances would you (female) castrate a male for real

I want to know if the idea of females castrating men is real and what these women find as motive to do it.

Do you as a female really intend to see or actively participate in castrating a man?

40% (40) Yes, I would like to see it and I might participate.
52% (51) Yes, I would actively perform the castration.
13% (13) Yes, I would only watch.
7% (7) No, This has no appeal to me at all
3% (3) No, castration in any form is just wrong.

98 voters have answered this question.

Do you fantesize about castrating a man? How often?

38% (37) Yes, all the time
25% (25) Yes, rather often
17% (17) Yes, but not that often
12% (12) Yes, if I'm with the man I want castrated
6% (6) No, never

97 voters have answered this question.

Is there a man that you would love to see or actively castrate yourself?

30% (30) Yes, he is my husband
14% (14) Yes, he is my boyfriend
23% (23) Yes, I have a guy picked out from my friends or a former boyfriend
2% (2) Yes, he is some guy I've always wanted but couldn't get
20% (20) Yes, most any guy will do
8% (8) No, it wouldn't ever happen

97 voters have answered this question.

Have you Ballbusted or actively indicated to this man that you have an active interest in castrating him?

31% (30) Yes, he is willing
16% (16) Yes, he seems receptive
26% (25) Yes, but he hasn't indicated his willingness
15% (15) I want to but am not in a position to make such an indication to him
10% (10) No, I wouldn't and I'd never ask

96 voters have answered this question.

Do you understand the methods and feel that you could perform an actual castration?

29% (28) Yes, I have practice doing it
39% (38) Yes, I have studied up on the procedure and have the tools
21% (21) I'm only in the consideration phase
9% (9) No, I couldn't perform a castration

96 voters have answered this question.

Have you or will you perform a castration on a man in the next 3 years?

22% (21) Yes, I have previously and expect to do it again
26% (25) Yes, I will soon
38% (36) I want to but have no real plan in place
12% (12) No, it will never happen

94 voters have answered this question.

Do you understand that if you castrate a man he typically looses all sexual function within a few months?

60% (56) Yes, this is what I have wanted
32% (30) Yes, he doesn't perform that well anyway and having a neutered houseboy would be better
2% (2) No, I probably wouldn't do it if he lost sexual function
4% (4) No, taking this away from a person is wrong

92 voters have answered this question.

If you felt confident in your ability to perform a castration would you offer your services to men you don't know?

33% (31) Yes, I really enjoy doing the procedure and find it quite erotic
40% (38) Yes, I feel that it is generally good to castrate men
10% (10) No, I could but I'm uncomfortable with any man I don't know
15% (14) No, this just wouldn't happen

93 voters have answered this question.

Do you think that living with a neutered man would be acceptable?

23% (22) Yes, that's the only type I could control
59% (55) Yes, I don't see it as a problem because I could find sexual satisfaction in other ways
7% (7) Yes, I'm already living with one
22% (21) No, if I'm with a man I expect him to be a regular performer

93 voters have answered this question.

Would you like to castrate me, the man who made this poll?

51% (49) Yes, drop your pants NOW!
18% (18) Yes, I'll be nice tho
13% (13) No, you're a wierdo
15% (15) No, I'll let a medical professional do it if it's needed

95 voters have answered this question.

What age group are you in?

15% (15) 13-20
42% (40) 20-30
21% (20) 30-40
15% (15) 40-50
5% (5) 50 and over

95 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2010-02-02 22:15:19 by GeneSimmons
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