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Corner Time Punishments

I havent been doing too well in school lately so my mom thinks corner time should be the first step before a spanking. I really dont want a spanking so i will behave in the corner. She has no ideas so can you help? (pleeeasee go easy)
Which corner should i stand in?
In the living room(anyone who is there sees)
In my bedroom(private)
Parents room
What position should i be made to be in?
On what my mom calls the "naughty chair"
Where should my hands be?
On top of my head
Behind my head
To the side
How long should the corner time be? (this will happen once a week, even if i behave, it will serve as a reminder corner time)
30 min
40 min
1 hour ( PLEASE NO!!!!! thats sooo long!!)
How should i be dressed (:S)
Fully clothed
Only bra and panties
Nude (NO!!! PLEASE?!?!)
What should happen if i move positions, argue, or misbehave?
Am i allowed to go to the bathroom during my corner time if i have to go BADLY?
No, this is your punishment
Yes, if 10 extra minutes are added after i go to the bathroom
Do you think this is fair?
Yes, you need to do well in school and behave young lady!
No, it should be less severe
Have you had corner time before? Have you administered it before?
I have had it before
I have administered it before
If it so happens that i slip out a "potty mouth word" (what my mom calls it) what should happen?
This poll was created on 2010-01-24 22:29:06 by manley