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Ground Hop

ground hopping, ticking, criteria, to tick or not to tick, that is the question
Ground Hop: Criteria
No nil-nil
No ambition to even think of playing League football
No female spectators
No club involved that you have already seen playing
There should be at least 1 other Kempsterite in the crowd
Club musn't be on the brink (folding)
Club must not have huge debt
Match must not have been postponed
No floodlights
Only from step 5 and below
No merged clubs
No amalgamated clubs
No trashing
No litter next to the pitch
No female officials
No continuation of old club, e.g. AFC So & So
No AFC in club name
Must be accompanied by at least 1 fellow hopper
No red cards
No penalties
No 5 minutes added
Match must not be seen from outside the ground
Must meet ground grading criteria
Must not ground share
Must not have been at the ground before
Must not play ineligible player
No loan players
Must not have sacked the manager recently
No player manager/player coach
No disputed ref decisions
No player off/on a stretcher
Must not get lost while trying to find the ground
From step 7 and down
This poll was created on 2010-01-17 17:14:19 by opollion