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Gaming S.F Project

Good Afternoon everyone! Currently im working on a Provincial Science Fair project; which, for me this year is to give out a survey to gamers and analyze, format,test, prove and hypothesize the results. Format : The answers for each questions should be PM’d to me via the site or posted below. Please include the question number. Im hoping that those that participate in this survey,will answer seriously,maturely, and to the best of their ability. Please answer the following questions; which are to be graded between a 1-5 scale. The definition of each number will be listed in the question. Note: Answering questions seriously is much appreciated.
How often do your friends or family members complain about your game play?
1: Never
2: Seldom
3: Sometimes
4: Often
5: Always
How much of your happiness in life currently is derived from playing the game?
1: None of it
2: A small amount
3: A moderate amount
4: A large amount
5: All of it
How difficult would it be for you to limit your playing time?
1: Not Difficult At All
2: A little difficult
3: Somewhat difficult
4: Very difficult
5: Extremely difficult
Have your personal relationships suffered because of your game-play? As well as attitude towards these people. (This includes public peoples)
1: Not at all
2: Mildly
3: Somewhat
4: Strongly
5: Severely
Do you spend more time than you think you should playing the game?
1: Definitely not
2: Probably not
3: Maybe
4. Probably
5: Definitely
Have you tried to quit the game but was unsuccessful?
1. No
2. Yes
1. 10-20
2. 20-30
3. 30-40
4. 40+
1. Male
2. Female
This poll was created on 2010-01-17 19:00:46 by Karl19011