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Corporal Punishment in Christian Schools (Part 2)

This is a poll for persons that have received corporal punishment at a Christian school. This is a follow-up to another poll about corporal punishment in Christian Schools generally: http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/458818. ONLY COMPLETE THIS POLL IF YOU RECEIVED CORPORAL PUNISHMENT WHILE ATTENDING A CHRISTIAN SCHOOL.
Your age?
9 or younger
71 or older
Select the age(s) at which you received corporal punishment at a Christian School. Select all that apply.
6 and under
other? (specify ages)
Who at the Christian school most often administered corporal punishment to you?
my teacher at the time
another teacher
an administrator (principle, counselor, headmaster, etc.)
a coach or similar staff member
another student
other (please specify who in the space provided)
In what space was the corporal punishment most often administered to you?
in my classroom
in the hallway
in a private office (teacher's or administrator's)
in the locker room or gym
in a public place like a cafeteria or auditorium
in the bathroom
in an "out-of-the-way" private space like a closet, maintenance room, etc.
other? (please specify where)
On what part of your body did you most often receive corporal punishment?
thighs or legs
palms of hands
backs of hands
other? (please specify)
Was the punishment most often administered in private?
Yes. With only involved parties (me, the person giving the punishment, possibly a witness) present.
Sort of. Only involved parties and other students also receiving corporal punishment were present in the space at the time of my punishment.
Not really. The punishment was given out of sight of other students but within clear ear-shot (examples: at the back of the classroom or behind a partition in the classroom, in the hallway just outside the classroom door, etc.)
No. The punishment was given in front of whomever might be around. For example: in front of the class or in the gym or locker room with other students present and looking on.
No. By design the punishment was administered in front of other students -- like at an assembly.
other? (please specify)
What was most often used for your corporal punishment?
paddle, yardstick, ruler, or similar
rod, switch, cane, or similar
strap, belt, or similar
other? (please specify what)
If you received corporal punishment on your buttocks, it was most often administered....
over your outer clothes (pants, skirt, etc.)
over your underwear, with outer clothing lowered or removed
on your bared buttocks, with outer clothing and underwear lowered or removed
If you have received corporal punishment on your buttocks, how many swats did you receive the last time you received it?
more than 20 (please indicate how many in the space provided)
On the following 0 to 5 scale, how much did the corporal punishment hurt? You can either consider the last time that you received corporal punishment or how it felt usually.
0 - didn't hurt much if any
1 - stung a little
2 - stung a good bit
3 - hurt some
4 - hurt a lot
5 - hurt really, really badly
On the following 0 to 5 scale, how much did you usually cry as a result of the punishment and associated events?
0 - did not usually cry at all
1 - eyes would usually get a little watery
2 - would sniffle and yelp a little, some tears
3 - tears flowing, sniffles, and yelps
4 - hard crying, lots of tears
5 - sobbing, bawling, wailing, snot dripping -- "the whole ball of wax"
Which of the following usually happened before corporal punishment was administered? Check all that apply.
We prayed together.
A scripture was read.
I was asked to pray silently.
I was to sit or stand in a place of reflection and/or prayer for a certain length of time.
I was asked if I needed to use the restroom or I was sent to the restroom.
I was asked to confess what I did wrong.
I was asked to contact my parents/guardians.
My parents/guardians were called.
I was lectured.
I had a discussion (different than a lecture in that I was able to express my thoughts and opinions).
I had to fetch the corporal punishment implement.
I was hugged.
Which of the following usually happened AFTER the corporal punishment was administered? Check all that apply.
Nothing more.
Put together quickly and immediately returned -- perhaps even still crying.
Was given time to compose myself.
Was offered tissues or a wet cloth to wash face.
Was allowed to go to the bathroom.
We prayed together.
Scripture(s) were read.
I was hugged.
I was asked (or "made") to apologize or otherwise make some statement.
I was placed in a chair, corner, or against the wall for a period of reflection and or silent prayer.
I had to stand in some public place for a period of time. (Intended to promote shame and remorse or serve as an example to others.)
I had to fill out a form, write a letter, sign my name, or otherwise complete some official record of the punishment.
I had to contact my parents.
My parents were contacted.
Other things that happened that are not listed above? Please indicate in the space provided.
Which of the following best describes the most important feeling/emotion that you usually had once the punishment was completed and you were preparing to return to "business as usual"?
I felt relieved.
I felt peaceful.
I felt redeemed or renewed.
I felt embarrassed.
I felt ashamed.
I felt angry at myself.
I felt angry at someone else (examples: your teacher, the person that spanked you, the person that got you in trouble, your parents, etc.).
I felt sick.
I felt sad.
I felt remorseful.
I felt proud.
I felt glad.
I felt numb, despondent, or detached.
I didn't really have any strong emotions one way or another.
another feeling/emotion? (please indicate in the space provided)
On the following 0 to 5 scale, indicate how effective you think corporal punishment usually was on you.
0 - not effective at all or actually prompted me to act out more or misbehave more
1 - a very little bit effective
2 - somewhat effective
3 - moderately effective
4 - effective
5 - very effective
Were your parents always made aware that you had received corporal punishment at school?
Yes, always.
Yes, usually.
Only sometimes.
Very rarely.
If your parents/guardians knew of the corporal punishment, what happened to you at home? Check all that apply.
Nothing more happened.
Any forms or letters were signed and returned to school.
I was lectured.
We had a discussion.
We prayed about it.
We read some scripture together.
I was asked to write a letter or an essay discussing my misbehavior and punishment or related type of assignment.
I was grounded.
I was restricted from something.
I had to pay a fine or have my allowance reduced.
I was given a minor spanking.
I was given a moderate spanking.
I was given a major spanking.
I was assigned some other punishment. (please indicate in the space provided)
Something else, not listed above, happened. Please indicate in the space provided.
Please describe the typical procedure followed when you received corporal punishment. You may either describe your last punishment or what typically happened. Please indicate who was present, what space, you were in, what part of the body was swatted, were clothes lowered or removed, how many swats, did you cry, what happened before and after the spanking, etc.
Are there other comments you'd like to make or any other information that you'd like to share?
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