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Turning into a giantess

What would you prefer, should it happen to you (too, lol).
How tall are you already?
6'10" or taller
Less than 5'
Do you actually want to be taller, or would you just deal with the changes as you grow?
I want to get taller! NOW! lol
I'm scared! Why I am growing?!?
I'm kind of tall already... but could deal with it...
Taller sounds okay...
I'm kind of tall already and like being big... let me get bigger!
Did a person do this to you? Or was it a random accident?
Random incident
If somebody is responsible, then who made you start growing?
I did it myself! On PURPOSE!
I did... whoops... it was an accident.
My boyfriend/husband... accidentally.
A stranger with interest in seeing me as a giantess
A stranger... on accident.
My boyfriend/husband. On purpose.
What is the source of your growth?
A new medicine with extreme side effects
Strange cosmic energy
Somebody zapped me with a growth ray
A new soda that came on the market
A potion
A bizarre allergic reaction
Somebody cast a spell on me
Who notices you're growing first?
Another family member
Significant other
The person causing it!
Female friends
How does whoever sees your growth first notice it?
A piece of furniture collapses under your weight
Tall enough to seem "taller"
Jewelry pops off
Shoes start ripping
Clothes keep getting tighter
When do you really start to take notice of your own growth?
Pants are getting tighter and tighter...
Oh wow! I just bopped my head on the ceiling! Never did that before!
My bra just snapped...
My underwear-- way too small now-- is riding up way too much...
Shoe is getting way too tight
How fast are you growing? Do you stay growing at the same speed?
Slowly, a fast growth spurt, then I slow down again, keep on growing.
Fast/then slows down, stops.
Slowly, then faster, then stops.
Fast/stays fast, then stops.
Fast/then slows down, but doesn't stop.
Slowly... doesn't stop.
Fast/stays fast, keeps going... !
Slowly... stays slow, then stops.
How big do you get, if you ever stop?
Six inches taller. I need new clothes!
A full foot taller! Nothing fits me at all anymore!
Two feet taller! I need custom clothes from now on!
Several feet taller!
Ten feet tall exactly! I'm a goddess!
Twelve-twenty feet tall! I'm a mini-giantess!
Twenty to fifty feet tall!
Fifty to a hundred feet tall!
One hundred to one thousand feet! I'm the queen of the planet!
One thousand feet to one mile high!
Miles high!
Heh heh... I didn't stop growing, dear!
What's your favorite aspect(s) of your growth?
The bizarre energy causing this to happen...
I don't like being bigger!!! Shrink me already!!!
Just being bigger now!
Growing kind of feels... mmm... ;)
The warmth coursing through me...
Getting bigger!
Newfound power
Newfound respect from "all you little people."
Growing out of these clothes! lol
You're bigger! What are you going to do now?
Other: fill in next blank.
Walk around while I'm this big!
Go tease ex's...
Try to turn myself back to normal!
Go to the beach...
Details of what you intend to do now, this big. If you selected other, or if you just want to say something else.
Do you want to shrink back?
Yes, eventually... maybe next week.
Immediately! Please! I'm freaked out!
No, not yet.
Uh... nah. I'm fine, thanks. :)
If you want to shrink back at all, do you want to shrink back to your original size, or stay slightly bigger than before?
I don't want to shrink back at all!
I think a few extra inches won't hurt.
I think I'd like to stay the tallest woman in the world, but a believable height of some sort... 7-9 feet, maybe?
Back to normal.
I wouldn't mind shrinking slightly smaller than normal, actually. A few inches shorter.
I wouldn't mind shrinking a few feet shorter than normal! Let's try that too!
Shrink me to just a few inches tall! Try both ends of the size spectrum out! Why not?!?
Weird... if I'm not mistaken, I think my grew more than the rest of me...
Any last thoughts on all this crazy growing business? Spill here or at vmvmpr_rp@yahoo.com xoxo V.M.
This poll was created on 2010-01-07 19:53:48 by vanessamay