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Girls Fighting

This poll is about a fictional video game involving girls fighting. If you played it - what choices would you make?
From these three choices. Who would you want your fighter to be?
Mid teens. Young and agile, but still learning to fight.
Mid twenties. Strong and supple. An experienced fighter.
Mid thirties. Well trained and powerful. An instructor of young fighters.
What would your fighter wear? (Waistbands sit at the natural waistline.)
White, cotton, full-cut panties and a grey, short sleeved, T-shirt.
Black bike shorts with a red waistband and black sports bra.
Hot purple leggings with a white leotard.
Black leggings with a white tank top
Olive green dress pants and white sleeveless shirt tucked in.
Black, high leg control panty, pantyhose and black bra
Black capri pants, white short sleeved T-shirt tucked in and black suspenders
Tight white capri pants with pink waistband attached to a tight purple tank top
Black leggings with a three-quarter length sleeve top tied at the bust exposing cleavage and upper portion of the belly
Black nylon spandex bodysuit with lace trim at shoulders and neck
Each fight will consist of two rounds. As the round progresses, your fighter's health meter will run down based on how many hits she takes. When it runs out, your fighter is knocked out. How would your fighter progress through the rounds?
My fighter would move at the same speed and strength thoughout the round until her health meter ran out.
My fighter would gradually get slower and weaker the more she was hit.
After two rounds, the fighter who took too many hits will have her health meter depleted and become stunned and dizzy. How would you 'finish her'?
Thank her for fighting with me and help her off the arena.
Thank her for fighting with me and fill up her belly with gold coins.
Thank her for fighting with me and fill up her belly with sweet honey.
Thank her for fighting with me and give her a kiss.
I would let her collapse from exhaustion.
I would knock her down with a punch or a kick.
I would hit her with a low blow.
I would punch her high in the air. When she comes down, she will land hard on her back.
I would cut off her head!
If you were the defeated fighter and your opponent was coming toward you, with her blade, to cut off your head. What would you be thinking?
"No! Please! I don't want to lose my head!"
I fought hard, but not hard enough to win my life.
If you were the defeated fighter. What would you think for the last few seconds after you were decapitated?
No... Shit...........
I can't feel my body...
OH! What a relief...
If you were the defeated fighter and your belly was swelling from the money or the sweet treat. What would you be thinking?
OHHHHH!!! What is happening to me?!?!
OHHHHH!!! This is heavy! Get it out of me!!!
OHHHHH!!! My belly feels like it's going to bust!
OHHHHH!!! My belly feels so hard and tight!
OHHHHH!!! I knew I shouldn't have eaten that double bacon cheeseburger. Now I'm paying for it!
If you were the defeated fighter. What would happen if you were hit hard with a low blow?
"OHHHHH!!! I'm a girl! How can this be?"
I would grab my groin and hold it tightly.
I would let out some pee.
If you were the defeated fighter. What would happen when you landed hard on your back after being punched high in the air?
"It's hard to breath!"
"I can not move!"
"I am bleeding from my groin!"
"My bladder is emptying!"
Personally, which way to fall would you find to be the most comfortable after taking a blow or becoming stunned?
Falling on my back.
Sinking to my knees, then pitching forward on my front.
Sinking to my knees, then falling to the side.
This poll was created on 2009-12-31 00:21:04 by Kitana