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Choices and Fate

You can choose one or the other in this poll, much like my last one, but this poll will have more questions regarding your views of society and will often feature several answers. Please be warned that you may be offended during the taking of this poll. This is not my intent, but I believe it may be an issue.
Are you a man or woman?
What is your age range?
Under 18
Should people be allowed to worship and express their faith in public?
Yes, at places of worship.
No, in private.
Yes, everywhere.
No, worship should be banned.
Should women be allowed to drive motorized vehicles?
No, women should not be allowed to drive.
No, they should only be allowed to use public transit.
Yes, they have the rights to equality.
Yes, but not on highways.
Yes, with a man in the vehicle.
Disney is...
A capitalist organization bent on the brainwashing of children.
A company aimed at producing movies for the entire family.
A company aimed at producing movies for children.
Do people of non-Caucasian racial profile deserve rights equal to that of a Caucasian male?
No, but they should be allowed to use the same services as Caucasians.
No, services should be segregated.
No, they deserve to be treated like animals.
Yes, as they too are people.
Yes, but services should still be segregated.
Is the War on Terror plausible?
No, as it is impossible to prevent terrorism from becoming a mindset for someone.
Yes, as it is working to eliminate terrorism across the globe.
Yes, as it protects those that live in places controlled or targeted by terrorists.
No, as it is a conspiracy to lap up taxpayers money.
9/11 was...
The works of several terrorists hijacking planes and flying them into the World Trade Center.
An inside job in which the American government downed the World Trade Center to induce fear.
9/11 never actually happened.
The millennium generation is best described as what?
Ignorant, rude, self-absorbed.
Anorexic, polite, lazy.
Fat, lazy, uneducated.
Athletic, technology-obsessed, intelligent.
Opinion on the 2012 phenomenon?
Marketing scam.
Mankind's ascension.
Certainly doomsday.
Total bullshit
Corporal punishment should be...
Allowed in the home.
Allowed in public recreation areas and home.
Allowed in schools and home.
Allowed in places of work, school and home.
Outlawed completely.
More creative!
Wikipedia is...
Pets should be...
Allowed if they are sterilized.
Allowed despite non-sterilization.
Che Guevara is best described as what?
A fighter against oppression.
An enemy of freedom.
A traitor.
A revolutionary.
A war criminal.
A hero.
Do you know who Todd Beamer is?
No, I do not know who Todd Beamer is.
Yes, he was an American soldier who died in Iraq.
Yes, he was the hero of Flight 93 during 9/11.
Who won the War of 1812?
British North America
It was a draw.
The notion of extra-terrestrial life is, in your opinion, what?
Likely. The chance of them contacting us though is slim.
Complete fantasy. We are the only life in the universe.
Undecided. I am not yet sure who to believe.
Completely Probable. They have already contacted us.
Christianity is...
An embarrassment to mankind.
An incorrect faith.
An idea that may be true.
The correct faith.
Islam is...
An idea that may be true.
The religion of hate.
The correct faith.
An incorrect faith.
Global Warming is...
A marketing scam.
A natural cycle.
A conspiracy.
Real, but not threatening.
Real and dangerous.
Not real.
Do you believe in an afterlife?
No. I believe death is the end.
Yes. I believe I am going to a negative afterlife.
Yes. I believe I am going to a neutral afterlife.
Yes. I believe I am going to a positive afterlife.
No. I believe in reincarnation.
This poll was created on 2009-12-29 17:03:32 by Toraton