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Is this divorce property settlement concept "fair"?

French law provides that the money or property either spouse had prior to marriage reverts back to that spouse in the event of divorce. However, the interest or income generated by that money or property during the marriage becomes communal property that is split down the middle by the two spouses. Example 1: Spouse A had $200,000 sitting in a bank account when he got married. He divorced 20 years later. French law says he gets $200,000 plus HALF of the interest that the $200,000 generated over twenty years. Example 2: Spouse B owned a house prior to marriage. French law says that Spouse B gets the house, but the rent earned from that house during the marriage gets split down the middle in the event of divorce.

Is this French property settlement concept "fair"?

33% (2) The concept is fair
33% (2) The concept is more than fair
33% (2) The concept is unfair

6 voters have answered this question.

Is this French divorce property settlement concept "moral" by the standard of Christian ethics?

66% (4) The concept is moral (consistent with Christian ethics)
33% (2) The concept is immoral (inconsistent with Christian ethics)

6 voters have answered this question.

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