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Hypnotizing a sibling

When I was younger, I used to play hypnosis games with my siblings. I'm curious if anyone else tried this, and if so what happened in them. This poll is designed for the person doing the hypnosis. I'll be doing a followup soon for hypnosis from the perspective of the hypnotized subject.
I am a
I have
Younger brother(s)
Younger sister(s)
Older brother(s)
Older sister(s)
Some of whom were step-siblings or half-siblings
Some of whom were cousins or other relatives but lived with us fulltime
Actually I'm an only child
Have you ever tried to hypnotize one of your siblings?
Yes - a sister
Yes - a brother
No - I have never tried hypnotizing a sibling at all.
If you tried, were you able to put any of them into a trance?
Yes - he or she was definitely at least mildly hypnotized
Maybe - I'm not certain if he or she actually achieved a hypnotic state or not
No - I tried, but could not get them to "go under"
No - I never even tried to hypnotize a sibling
Regardless of whether your first attempt was successful, how many total times did you attempt to put a sibling under trance?
Never tried it
Only once
A small handful of times (between two and five)
More than a few times (between 5 and 20)
Quite a few times (between 20 and 100)
Many times (more than 100)
What was your success ratio in hypnotizing your sibling?
I never tried it at all
I tried but never got him/her in trance (0%)
I succeeded only once, and don't really know how (low)
It was hit and miss (about 50%)
I succeeded almost every time (high)
I never failed to induce a trance (100%)
The first time you succeeded, what did you do while your sibling was under trance? (If you never succeeded, just leave this question blank)
Nothing at all.
I tested his/her trance by using mild suggestions (imagining arm/leg tied to balloon/full of lead, etc.)
I asked him/her to imagine a scene/setting (guided visualization of a place)
I asked him/her to answer some questions I was curious about
I told him/her to make animal noises
I told him/her to do something harmless that he/she wouldn't normally do (i.e., eat a food he/she didn't like)
I told him/her to see him/herself differently (shrinking, growing, becoming animal, etc)
I told him/her to see me differently (growing, shrinking, animal, etc.)
I made him/her do something embarrassing
I made him/her do something naughty
What were your ages when you tried this?
I didn't try it at all
I was less than 8 years old
I was between 8 and 10 years old
I was between 10 and 12 years old
I was between 12 and 14 years old
I was between 14 and 16 years old
I was between 16 and 18 years old
I was older than 18 years old
My sibling was more than 4 years older than me
My sibling was older than me, but less than four years difference
My sibling was younger than me, but less than four years difference
My sibling was more than four years younger than me
If you hypnotized your sibling more than once, how would you describe any changes you made to what you did while he or she was under trance as time went on?
I tried to help him or her with a problem (i.e., weight, shyness, smoking) - I wasn't doing it for fun!
I became more dominant, and made him or her behave as my slave even when not in trance
I became more aggressive, and made him or her do things for me while in trance
I became more relaxed and playful, and made him or her do more funny/embarrassing things
I gave more suggestions, but they don't fit under any of the categories above.
I tried putting post-hypnotic triggers in place
I tried to make him/her forget what had happened while under hypnosis
The changes in routine were mostly my idea
The changes in routine were actually mostly his/her idea
Did you ever succeed in changing your sibling's behavior and/or personality as a result of this?
No - I didn't really even try to change them though
No - I tried, but I failed to make them different somehow
Yes - I successfully broke them of a bad habit
Yes - I successfully fixed something else they wanted fixed
Yes - I made changes to him/her that I wanted, whether he/she wanted them or not.
The changes (if any) wore off relatively quickly
The changes (if any) lasted fairly long term, but eventually wore off
The changes (if any) were permanent
If you used hypnosis to change your sibling's habits or personality, which of the changes did you make?
Made them less shy
Made them more confident
Made them more submissive
Made them more honest
Made them stop biting their nails
Made them stop sucking a thumb
Made them stop some other annoying habit
Made them stop smoking
Made them stop drinking
Made them stop using some other form of drugs (legal or otherwise)
I actually made them take on a bad habit
Do you think your sibling ever faked being hypnotized for some reason?
No - he/she never faked it, I'm pretty sure
Maybe - It's possible but I can't be sure
Yes - he/she did it to humor me, I think
Yes - he/she did it hoping I would 'play' with him/her
At first I believed he/she was really hypnotized but I caught him/her faking it later.
Did hypnosis ultimately change the relationship between you and your sibling?
No - it was mostly just a game, or it had no long term impact
Yes - it helped us both to trust each other more, and brought us closer together
Yes - it changed the dynamic between us; he/she looks up to me more
Yes - it changed the dynamic between us; he/she trusts me less, or is angrier with me
Yes - it changed the dynamic between us; it drove a wedge between us
Yes - it just made things weird, somehow.
Overall, what are your feelings about having hypnotized a sibling?
Looking back, I enjoyed it; it was harmless fun
I still do it to him/her; it's still fun
I stopped when it stopped being fun, but I have fond memories
I stopped when it started getting weird; I wish I'd kept going now.
I stopped when it started getting weird, and I'm glad I stopped.
He/she stopped letting me; I miss it.
He/she stopped letting me; it was the right decision.
I regret having started in the first place.
Overall, what were the favorite thing(s) you ever did, or wished you did, with/to your sibling while under hypnosis or hypnotic influence?
Did your sibling ever hypnotize you? If so, briefly how was your experience on the "other side" as it were?
No - it was always me hypnotizing them.
Rarely - they were bad at it or uninterested, or I didn't want them to
It was about 50/50 - we both did both roles in alternating fashion
Often - in fact he/she hypnotized me far more than the other way around
When my sibling hypnotized me, he/she was kinder to me than I was to him/her
When my sibling hypnotized me, he/she was more aggressive to me than I was to him/her
When my sibling hypnotized me, he/she mainly kept things on the same level as I did.
This poll was created on 2009-12-12 20:42:28 by trewq