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Barefoot at a friends house?

I have this friend who has a rule where you must be barefoot in her house. No shoes are allowed at all. We must play in the garden barefoot and i dont really like being barefoot.
Do you have a friend that has the 'No shoes and socks' rule?
No -stop here please
Yes- quite a few
The first time you went to your friends house, how were you told/asked to removed your footwear?
Told beforehand- told me that they have this rule and there are no exeptions.
Told you when we got there that you must remove you shoes and socks or you cant come in.
Once you entered the house and they forgot to tell you at the door.
Are you male or female?
How old are you?
How did you feel being barefoot?
Love it!
Like it
Doesnt bother me
Dont really like it
Hate it
Hate it so much I never returned
How does you friend feel about going barefoot all the time when they are at home?
They love it
They like it
They dont mind it
They dont like it
They hate it
Doesnt bother them as they were brought up with the rule
Is your friend male or female?
Where are your shoes and socks stored during your stay?
Shoe closet
Locked away because i feel the urge to wear them
Do your friends parents allow shoes and/or socks outside in the garden?
Dont know, we never go outside
If you answerd 'No', how do you feel about playing outside barefoot?
Love it
Like it
Dont mind it
Dont really like it
Hate it
Do you like playing with each others feet or do any kind of games that invlove your feet?
Yes- go on to next question
No- skip next question
What kind of games do you play/ what kind of things do you do?
Eat food off each others feet
Lick/suck Others toes and soles
Massage each other
Other (explain in next question)
What other games/ things do you do?
Thats the basics finished. Now onto some situations. If you and a couple of mate were to go round to your friends house, but one of them did not feel comfortable with going barefoot, what would happen?
You would try to convince them to leave thier shoes and socks at the door.
Not allowed to come in
Forcably remove their socks and make them go barefoot.
Let off just this once
The first time you went round, how did you react to being asked to take off your shoes and socks?
Didnt mind, have same rule at home/others house
Felt uncomfortable but still did as you did not want to insult them
Didnt understand but still did
Asked if I had to and begged not too
Ask why politly while removing them
Have you ever stayed overnight at your friends house?
This may seem strange, but to others it may not. Who removes your shoes and socks when you get there?
I do
My friend (male)
My friend (female)
Friends mum
Friends dad
Friends brother/sister
Do you think your friends barefeet are beautiful?
Yes, very.
No, not really
Not really noticed
Do you enjoy playing out in the garden barefoot?
Yes, love it
Yes, like it
Dont mind it
No, not really
No, hate it
Never went outside
We are allowed __________ while playing outside
How old is your friend?
Will you discuss your barefoot experiences in the message forum? If so, you can write about any experience going barefoot, ie. School trip, as a punishment, at school, and so on?
Only if you add yours
This poll was created on 2009-11-22 00:37:18 by Schoolboy11