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Friday the 13th

Do you believe in the Friday the 13th superstitions? Well, it's Friday, November 13th 2009... How's your day going so far?
Have you ever heard of the Friday the 13th superstition? (If not, then none of the following questions will apply to you. Please proceed to the end of the poll and submit to view the results.)
Yes, of course I have.
No, I have never heard of such superstitions.
How many Friday the 13ths do you think you have you lived through?
Probably like 10
About 100, I know it
I'd say about fifty.
To calculate this you would have to check the calendar for every year you've been alive. I don't have the time!
How many is the most Friday the Thirteenths that can be in one year?
Only one
Three max
Six of them
Would it surprise you to hear that Friday is the most common day for the 13th day of a month to fall on?
No, there seems to be a lot of Friday the 13ths
Yes, I thought it was rare for the 13th to fall on a Friday and that's what made it unlucky.
It's probably just a coincidence that Friday is the most common day for the 13th to fall on.
Studies show that there are actually less accidents reported to happen on Friday the 13th than the average day! Does this shock you?
Yes! I thought for sure people had more accidents on this day.
Nah. It's obvious that people are going to be more careful on an unlucky day.
Even though there are less accidents overall on this day, some studies show that there are more traffic accidents on F13 when comparing to other Fridays in a month. Fridays must be compared because there is more drinking on Fridays than on other weekdays. Why do you think there would be more accidents on Friday the 13th than say Friday the 6th?
I'm puzzled... no idea.
I knew it! The superstitions are true! This proves it!
Purely coincidence... nothing more.
Which disasters do you think occur most frequently on Friday the 13th?
Plane crashes... I'm gonna tie this in with the Bermuda triangle thing.
Hurricanes... I swear I've heard of more than one making landfall on Friday the 13th.
Alien abductions.... *sniff*
Which version of the F13 superstition did you first hear?
Friday the 13th brings bad luck to all. Is there any other versions?
No! This day brings good luck!
I've heard both bad and good luck. I don't know which one to believe... if any.
Have a guess at which year the superstition was first mentioned in English text.
This is sort of a math question. If a month starts on X day then the 13th will fall on a friday. Which day is X?
Which month in 2009 did NOT contain a Friday the 13th.
There were three Friday the 13ths in 2009, when will be the next year with 3?
People who fear the bad luck Friday the 13th is supposed to bring have which phobia? (Think of the etymology of the word)
Why do you think the number 13 has always been considered so unlucky/bad?
Because they built this hotel in Boston in 1892 and within 3 days of opening there was a murder on the 13th floor and it was never solved. No one could have gotten in or out, but there was the janitor dead. They closed the floor, and the elevator just passed it from then on...
The devil has thirteen apostles...
Bakers are evil. A baker's dozen is 13... I mean common, they deliberately put hair in my muffins!
13 just sounds evil... THURRRRTIIIIIIINN
It's odd, and has no factors...
12 represents completeness. (12 months, 12 hours a day, 12 apostles, 12 zodiac signs, 12 Gods of Olympus) 13 corrupts this completeness by adding one more.
I have no clue why...
Friday has been considered an unlucky day since at least the 1300's... What day is unluckiest for you?
I don't believe in luck... good or bad. Humbug!
It is estimated that between 800 and 900 million dollars is lost in business around the world on Friday the 13th. Why?
People just stay home in bed and don't come to work
People are unproductive and stressed out, so they can't work as well.
People have bad luck... They break the machines, the burn their files, they erase their hard-drives, they shoot co-workers with staplers, they get fired for getting caught masturbating in the elevator, they get locked out of the office when they forget their keys, they accidently cause the fire alarm to go off forcing an evacuation, they forget to buy ink for the photocopier, etc.
*Shrugs shoulders*
The cycle of the number of F13s in each month in each year repeats exactly every ____ years.
Trivia! Which event was not planned on Friday the 13th!
Release of Resident Evil 5
Opening of Saw - The Ride
The release of Black Sabbath's debut album
All movies in the Friday the 13th film series
Have you ever had bad luck on Friday the 13th?
Not just bad... horrible... every time... Oh God, I hate this day!
I guess sometimes....
No more than any other day
I have good luck / better luck on this day usually
Luck schmuck...
I will die on this day... you mark my words... *has heart attack*
Speaking of death... have you ever heard of someone dying on this day?
Most Important Question! (Required to Answer) Your beliefs about the Friday the Thirteenth superstition. Check all that apply.
Worrying about this day and bad luck in general is a complete and utter waste of time. Stop being so silly.
Bad luck comes with a bad attitude... It's like science or something. Thinking positively will bring you good luck. Try it on F13! It'll work, trust me!
It's all in your head! Bad luck is an illusion! You're causing your own bad luck by freaking about so much.
The only reason people believe this stuff is the power of suggestion. People tell you this day is unlucky and you notice all the times you're having bad luck. In reality your luck is probably always the same on average... a little good and bad. You can't tell me you have nothing but bad luck on F13.
I think there's something magical about this day. Something more than coincidence. I wouldn't call myself superstitious at all, but this day is definitely unlucky... or at least magical in some way.
I am very superstitious and no one can change my mind... This day is evil!
I always have an exceptionally good F13.... I think if there's anything weird or special about this day, it's that it brings good luck to me!
Final Question! (Another Important One) Do you like Friday the 13th in general? (Choose all that apply)
I love it! It's so exciting! Like a surprise holiday! I look forward to it!
I love how it sneaks up on you... BOOM! It's F13! Ooeeooah!
I sort of associate it along with Halloween. I think spirits and witches are about doing their nasty things... The best F13s are in October!
It's fun to be scared and nervous.... I like having sleepovers on F13 and scaring my friends. We talk about our luck, and try other superstitions and urban myths to test our bravery! It's so fun, try it!
F13 is nothing but nerve-racking for me... I wish it didn't exist. All I can do is stay home and hide and hope that I don't recieve a phone call telling me someone has been in an accident!
Friday the thirteenth freaks me out, I'm always extra careful on this day.
I don't think about this day... I usually don't notice it gone by. You've only piqued my interest a bit... I'll probably forget the next one too.
I am so sick of people worrying and complaining about this day! Superstitions are dumb period! There is no such thing as good or bad luck... just life! Get over it! Jeez!
I liked this quiz! It was fun! ... and festive! Happy F13!
I'm not taking this on F13....
I hated this quiz... it was crap... and now you've made me nervous about F13!
Make more quizzes like this! Maybe one for Christmas!
I just noticed there's 13 possible responses to this question.... Way to drag this out....
This poll was created on 2009-11-13 19:37:39 by Andypants