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Would you buy a wedding or prom dress online?

A wedding and a school graduation (prom) is a unique and important celebration. For the Bride, the bridesmaid and for the graduating young woman, shopping for her beautiful gown should be an exciting experience. It should also be provided with choices, options, adequate price range, colors, styles and should come from stores that can be trusted. With the increase of online shopping, we are interested in your opinion in regards to shopping and buying wedding, bridesmaid or graduation dresses online. Your opinion is important for us to know how to improve and better serve women like you! Thank you. Here are the questions we have for you:
If you would be shopping for a wedding, bridesmaid or prom dress for yourself, and you would find a store on the internet that would sell online only (as opposed to having a store you could visit in your city), would you still be interested in purchasing a dress online?
Ok. Let's hear your opinion about how the dress is made and about the process of selecting and buying a dress. (Even if you would not buy a dress online, your opinion is very valuable). First: how would you feel about the possibility of browsing through catalogs with over 400 dresses to choose from; pictures and description of each dress would be clearly visible?
Second: What would be an acceptable price range for your dress? Low - medium - too high
If most of these gowns would come in a choice of 45 colors, how would you feel about that?
You could order in any standard sizes. Or, you could type in your measurements right there on that web page for your dress to be custom-created to your own contours. You'd be instructed online to provide 17 measurements. A chart with clear drawings of a woman taking her measurements would be provided. The purpose here would be to create your chosen dress so that it fits you best in all places. How would you like (or dislike) this option?
It would take an average of 15 days to create your gown and another 10 to 15 days to be shipped to and arrived at your door. Would this be acceptable to you?
How much? The customization of your dress would be included in the price of the dress. The shipping of the dress to your door would be free. No taxes would be charged but a small duty fee would be collected (government duties) at delivery. Aside from this, the cost of the dress online would be the only thing you pay, and you would pay no more than 170 to 500 US dollars, depending on what dress you choose. How does this sound to you?
You have done very well! Lastly, we would really like to know of any objections or disappointments you may think of that would make you not want to go ahead with the purchase of a wedding, bridesmaid or prom dress online. Go ahead and tell us also your opinion as to how we could improve our store! You have been very helpful. Cheers!
This poll was created on 2009-11-12 19:07:39 by Dress Maker