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Younger Siblings (whadda think about your's?)

I'm a 13 year old boy and my sister is 11 years old. Usually, she's my very bestest, mostest goodly friend in the whole wide world, other times......grrrrrr. I'm guessing that's pretty common. I just wanna know what you USUALLY think about your younger sibling(s). This poll is for kids only. If you ain't a kid, fake it! But, perverts are NOT allowed.
Are you a girl or a boy?
What is your sibling?
Sister(s) and Brother(s)
What's the age difference between you and your sibling(s)?
0 to 1 year
2 to 4 years
5 to 7 years
8 to 10 years
Over 11 years
Sorry, that was the boring part. I PROMISE that this poll will get better.
It better, or I'm outta here!
How much do you love/like your younger sibling(s)?
Lots and lots, forever and always.
Lots and lots, but sometimes not.
Lots and lots, but not that often.
Lots and lots, but very seldom.
Lots and lots? You gotta be kiddin'.
Which most acturately describes your relationship?
I would walk into a live volcano for them.
I would like to push them into a live volcano.
Do you share a bedroom with a younger sibling(s)?
Yes, but I'd rather not.
No, but I would like to.
Do you have the same bedtime as you younger sibling(s)?
No, I stay up 1/2 hour later.
No, I stay up 1 hour later.
No, I stay up more then an hour later.
No, they NEVER sleep.
How do you play with your younger sibling(s)?
Like any other kid, we're about the same age/size.
I try to play on their level, cuz they're smaller then me.
I beat them all the time, cuz they're smaller then me.
I like teaching them to play the games that I'm good at.
Why would I want to play with my younger sibling(s)?
I like to act like I'm an only child.
If your younger sibling(s) was being bullied and you saw it, what would you do?
Beat the holy snot out the the bully, regardless of any punishment that you might recieve.
Tell the bully that this is going to be the LAST time they EVER try bullying them again (scare the holy snot outta the bully).
Break it up and tell a responsible adult.
Break it up hoping that your younger sibling can work things out.
Look the other way, hey they're on their own.
Laugh and walk away.
Do you ever hug and/or kiss your younger sibling(s)?
Yes, all the time.
Yes, I kiss them goodnight (and stuff like that).
Yes, I hug them goodnight (and stuff like that).
Yes, only when I have to.
No, we just never have.
No way Jose, ain't gunna happen.
No, I'd rather kiss that live volcano.
Do you have to babysit your younger sibling(s)
Yes - all the time
Yes - sometimes
No - we both still need a babysitter.
No - It ain't my job.
No - I'm still looking for that volcano.
Do you bathe with your younger sibling(s)?
Yes, when we were little.
Yes, hey we're close to the same age.
No, never.
No, our parents won't allow it.
No, I have to give them baths sometimes.
No, my parents have them drycleaned on a monthly basis.
Have you seen your younger sibling(s) naked?
Yes dummy, we live in the same house.
Yes, I sometimes dress/undress them.
Yes, but only by accident.
No, our parents keep us apart like that.
No, hummmm....just never have.
No, my family never takes our clothes off.
Educational stuff.... Mark all of the stuff you taught a younger sibling.
Walk and talk.
Shapes and colors.
ABCs and 123s.
Help with homework.
Ride a bicycle.
How to play games.
They help with YOUR homework.
How to walk into a live volcano.
Things that your parents are STILL mad at you for teaching them.
If your family was down to its last cupcake, what would you do? If your family doesn't eat cupcakes, consider this to be a metaphorical question.
Let them have the cupcake.
Share it equally, no matter how small the pieces get.
Lick it, so it's all your's (yeah, gross, but sometimes that's were ya gotta go).
Tell them that you're fresh out of cupcakes, sneak back later and scarf that puppy down!
Tell your younger sibling(s) that the cupcake fairy will deliver their's in just a minute. And eat the cupcake in front of them.
Are you able to tickle your younger sibling(s) without ever touching them (hey, this actually works!)?
Yes - that's the only way I would tickle them.
No - But that sounds like a good way to torture them.
OK, nobody is perfect. What do you do to annoy your parents?
Teach your younger sibling(s) the scientific word for body parts that they really shouldn't know about.
Tell them REALLY scary stories about Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, etc.
Teach them something really gross, then laugh when they show your parents their newly acquired skill.
If they still haven't lost a tooth, tell them that all of their teeth will be falling out soon. Then laugh as your parents have to calm them down and explain about losing babyteeth.
Teach them how to get dizzy and watch them bump into things.
Teach them a word that sounds dirty and see how long they still think it's a dirty word.
Tell them a really funny joke and then remind them about it when they NEED to be quiet, like in church.
Tell them that on weekends big kids wear their shoes on the wrong foot.
Blame them for something that they couldn't possibly do, just to see their reaction(s).
Show them that special spot(s) on your dog that makes it move its hind leg like they're scratching. Then tell them that it's the same with their baby brother/sister/cousin/etc.
If you're brother and sister, check their neck for an adam's apple. Show them your neck and tell them that they need to go to the hospital REAL FAST!
Tell them that they have their socks on the wrong foot. See how long you can make them believe it.
Tell us your own funny thing on the message borad (oops, board)!
Well that's it.....I hope it wasn't too boring. So, whadda think about it???
Brilliant, spot-on, and all that British rot for okey-dokey!
Beyond brilliant, you just gave me enough material to last for years!
Your sister is very lucky to have you for a big brother!
Your sister is very UNLUCKY to have you for a big brother!
Did you really pull any of that stuff on your sister?
Sick and twisted....I LOVED IT!
Where was this suppose to be funny?
I'm still trying to figure out what metaphorical means.
Where can I rent that live volcano?
I forgot the question.....hang on.
I dunno.
Fair, but barely.
I'm so outta here.
Can I be your little sister?
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