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Spoiledness: Tantrum Addiction or Convenient Strategy?

The following poll attempts to unravel what the generalized popular belief is inasmuch as the most elemental and essential reason for being spoiled is concerned.

It is clear that one of the most resorted mechanisms of people to obtain what they want in our society is one that bases its drives, impulses, conducts and primary behaviours in the "staging" (the way Psychoanalyst and Psychiatric Pathology specialist Marius Tremmor dubbed it in his book Tantrums: Escape Route of Troubled Minds) of tantrums. Why exactly do people stage tantrums whenever they fail at obtaining whatever it is that they want?

0% (0) Because their negotiating social skills lack effectieness
0% (0) Because they have seen that staging tantrums works for other people
100% (1) Because by staging tantrums they make a playful point as to what they want
0% (0) Because most people feel either pressed or awkward whenever someone stages a tantrum, thus providing the tantrumizing person with whatever it is that they want
0% (0) Because tantrumizing is a subtle and stealth statement of disagreement and/or dissatisfaction that is neither too playful to be dismissed nor serious enough to be frowned upon

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This poll was created on 2009-11-08 18:20:02 by macaher
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