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Craigs List pets section

Craigs list is a popular website to buy, sell and trade. Everyday I visit the pets section to browse, everyday I see people complaining about their post being flagged off, and others claiming they flag post because of the cl rules which states: no pet sales or breeding please -- rehoming with small adoption fee OK ] [ please take discussions to pets forum ] [ PERSONAL SAFETY TIPS ] [ AVOIDING SCAMS & FRAUD ] [success story?] Ok. But heres what I always found odd breeders sell @ what from $80-$2000 a pup? shelters "adopt" out at what? $75-$200? maybe higher? So called "pure breed rescues" adopt out at $100-$500 That I have seen , pets on cl "rehome" at the same prices anywhere from free to $500. its ok for a ""rescue"" group to want 200$ but its NOT ok for you to ""rehome"" @ $200 They even complain if you post a pet for "free" Keep in mind The words rehome , adopt and sell, While taking this poll...

Do you use craigs list?

72% (8) YES
18% (2) NO
9% (1) WHATS craigslist?!?

11 voters have answered this question.

Have you rehomed , sold, or bought/adopted a animal from cl?

63% (7) yes
27% (3) no
9% (1) will at some point.

11 voters have answered this question.

What is a fair adoption fee threw a rescue? For a pure bred dog that is over a year old? Keep in mind the dogs have been given their shots, fixed and temperament tested.

27% (3) $50.00
72% (8) 100.00
0% (0) free
0% (0) 500 or more
0% (0) I would not adopt from a rescue.

11 voters have answered this question.

Should Craigs list remove the flagging system in the pets section?

54% (6) yes
27% (3) no - leave it alone.
18% (2) Maybe

11 voters have answered this question.

Look at this ad : German Shepard puppies the rehoming fee is 150.00 they will be ready the 22ND of this month we are taking deposits on them thanks no papers,no shots..only wormed. they are fullblood and will probly be short hair. we got 7 boys and 3 girls. both parents have good hips and will be good guard dogs i figure. This is a CL post - Would you flag it?

9% (1) Yes
81% (9) No
9% (1) E-mail the person about buying one of his puppies.

11 voters have answered this question.

Look at this ad: Oreo is a lab mix. He is up to date on all vaccines. Heartworm negative. They are on Flea and heartworm prevention. Very affectionate and quiet. They are obedience trained in gentle leader for heel, sit, stay, down, come. Crate trained. . Loves teens, dogs, adults and tolerates cats. 150.00 rehoming fee. Application required. If interested call Ja*### at 740-***-$$$$. This is a great dog!! This is Buck. A face only a mother could love, but he loves all people, cats, sits on laps all the time. Knows, sit, down and walks on gentle leader or leash. Great dog for retired couple or family of kids. Buck is the smaller dog. Another Cl Post - would you flag it?

0% (0) Yes
72% (8) No
18% (2) Maybe
9% (1) Call the person and apply to adopt.

11 voters have answered this question.

If your looking for a puppy or a dog you..

18% (2) Would look on the Internet for a breeder
0% (0) Go to my local shelter
81% (9) Browse Craigs list and see what I could find.
0% (0) Go to my local petstore
0% (0) Ask family and friends where to find a puppy or dog.

11 voters have answered this question.

You lost your home and can longer keep your animals, someone tells you to use craigslist to post. you do and people flag off your post and send you hate mail saying what a bad person you are for giving away your dogs, you..

63% (7) post again
36% (4) use another site
0% (0) take your dogs to the local pound

11 voters have answered this question.

Do you think Craigs list is moderated by self righteous people

72% (8) yes
9% (1) no
18% (2) don't care

11 voters have answered this question.

Craigslist needs to be moderated and removal of post should have a reason as to "why" the post needs to be removed.

90% (10) Agree
9% (1) Disagree
0% (0) write your own thought.

11 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2009-11-04 15:09:25 by Knock_KnocK
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