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beach volleyball outfit

There has been lots of discussion in the last Olympics in Athens and Beijing as to women wearing scarce bikinis and the men wearing wide shirts and long shorts.
What girls' wear do you prefer?
T-shirt and shorts
Sports bra and shorts
sportsbra and bikini bottom
What guys' wear do you prefer?
T-shirt and shorts
Tank top and shorts
Shorts only, no shirt
Speedos only, no shirt
Do you think there shouldn't be strict regulations?
There should be strict regulations for players and promotors
Players should be free what to wear
Promoters should be free to decide about outfit
If you voted shirtless outfit for guys, would you allow exceptions in extreme weather conditions, hot or cool temperature, to prevent either sunburn or cold?
Yes, they should be allowed shirts for sun protection or keeping warm in cool weather
No, they should be shirtless in any weather condition.
Should players of the same team have the same outfit?
yes, mandatory
no, not mandatory
In mixed games with 1 guy and 1 girl in a team, what outfit would you prefer?
Tops and bottoms of same colour for both
Bottoms of same colour, girl's top with colour of choice, guy shirtless
Players should be free what to wear
This poll was created on 2009-10-22 19:13:59 by ben90