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pound for pound who's stronger? Boys or girls?

Well heres the story, I am a physical education major at college and we were talking about the difference between boys and girls. To show the difference the teacher had 3 girls have a tug of war agaist three other girls. Then the two girls teams combined and faced 3 guys. The girls won pretty easily so the teacher added 1 more girl and 1 more guy. The girls won again. So the teacher made it 6 guys against 8 girls but still the girls won. Now the teacher looked a little surprised so he made it 9 guys and 10 girls. The girls struggled but won. So we had 10 guys go against 10 girls. So I went up this time the guys tried hard and won, finally. But the girls agrued with good cause that the 10 guys probably out weighted the 10 girls by 100 pounds or so and that was the only reason we won pound for pound they were stronger
Is this story common?
Yes girls are getting stronger all the time and have pretty much caught boys
Possible but not common girls are getting stronger but boys at the college age still have a big advantage.
No boys are much stronger then girls
No girls usually win when its even number they are stronger now
Girls only, how strong are you?
I can beat up smaller boys
I can beat boys smaller to the same size as me
I can beat boys bigger then me but not a lot bigger
Boys are weak i can beat up any size one even much bigger
I am weak i can't beat up any boy
Guys only, how strong are you?
Pretty weak most girls even one smaller then me can beat me up
Not bad girl would at least have to be my size to take me
I'm strong it would need to be one big or one freakishly strong girl to take me
I'm to strong for any girl
really weak any girl could take me
Girls only, how many pull ups can you do?
More then 30 but less then 50
Boys, how many pull ups can you do?
More then 30 but less then 50
Girls can you do more pull ups then your guy friends?
Yes by alot
Yes, but i'm smaller so doesn't mean i'm stronger
I can do more then most of them
I can do more the about half
I can do more then a couple
NO i'm weak
Boys can any of your girl friends do more pull ups then you?
Yes pretty much all of them but I'm pretty big so it's hard for me
Yes all of them
Yes most of them
About half
A couple really strong one can
No none of them can
If it was possible for the teacher to find 10 girls and 10 boys of the same size who would have won?
The girls easily
The girls with a struggle
Would have been a tie boys and girls are equal
The boys with a struggle
The boys like they did in my class they had to try hard but it wasn't much of a struggle
The boys easily
Who's stronger?
Boys but only cause there bigger
Boys are a lot stronger even a smaller guy can take most girls
Boys but only a little stronger now that girls workout and play sports they aren't much weaker
About the same it depends on the size of the boy and girl and how often they work out.
Girls in recent years with learning how to train and work out have passed guys
Pound for pound who's stronger?
Well i said girls were stronger so pound for pound they dominate
Girls have stronger muscles just less of them so pound for pound there stronger
Girls are a little stronger pound for pound
There equal if there the same size with the same amount of muscle it'd be a tie
Boys are still a little stronger pound for pound
Boys are just plain stronger period
This poll was created on 2009-10-17 20:51:42 by gettingstronger