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Pete Townshend vs. Brian Wilson (Who's the bigger genius)

For a long time I've wondered "Who's the bigger genius. Pete Townshend of the Who vs. Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys" and I decided I'd let every one else decide.
Which Masterpiece is better? Pet Sounds or Tommy?
Which Unreleased album would've been better if it was released? SMiLE or Lifehouse?
Which "Replacement" album for their two fallen projects SMiLE and Lifehouse is better? Smiley Smile or Who's Next?
Which song had better production? Good Vibrations or Won't Get Fooled again?
Which song was more of a lyrical effort. God Only Knows or Behind Blue Eyes?
Which song has more importance to music? Wouldn't it Be Nice or Baba O'riley?
Which Band is better overall? The Beach Boys or The Who?
Who can sing better? Pete or Brian?
Who was the better team player? Pete or Brian?
Who would win in a singing match? Roger Daltrey vs. Carl Wilson?
Who was the better producer? Pete or Brian?
Who was the over all better genius? Peter Blandford Dennis Townshend? Or Brian Douglas Wilson?
This poll was created on 2009-10-18 04:41:53 by Beatleslover8033