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High School Girls wrestling boys

If you are a girl wrestling boys on your high school team, or a girl who has wrestled boys for your high school in the past, we want to hear from YOU!
Many girls who wrestle are athletes who participate in other sports. What sports do you play?
Cross County
Volley Ball
Field Hockey
Ice Hockey
Equestrian events
Water polo
Brazilian jiu jitsu
Other Marital Art
Other varsity sport
Cutting weight is a controversial part of many high school wrestling careers. Do you
Limit your diet to wrestle in a lower weight class?
Wrestle at your natural weight?
Lose weight through practice and conditioning without having to diet?
Many high school girls have wrestled successfully against boys in the lower weight classes. In your opinion, what is the highest weight class where you believe that athletic girls have a chance competing against average boy wrestlers?
130 lbs.
135 lbs.
140 lbs.
145 lbs.
152 lbs.
160 lbs.
171 lbs.
In a previous poll, some girl wrestlers stated that they used psychological warfare to gain an advantage over boys who were frightened or uncomfortable wrestling a girl. If you have purposely done or said something to psych-out a male opponent by reminding him that his opponent was a girl, what form did this take? Check any that apply.
combed or shook-out your hair prior to the match
painted your nails
wore perfume
wore make-up
did push-ups
stretched or touched your toes to loosen-up
wore pink shoes or pink shoe laces
wore a pre match t-shirt that highlighed the fact that you are a girl wrestler
I've had boys try to intimidate me with trash talk.
Before the match
During the match
It's never happened.
I've tried to intimidate boys with trash talk.
Before the match
During the match
I've never done that.
I'm stronger than most of the guys I wrestle.
I'm stronger than most of the girls I wrestle.
I've got more endurance than most of the guys I wrestle.
I've got more endurance than most of the girls I wrestle.
When I pin an opponent, it is usually....
in the first period.
in the second period.
in the third period.
When I pin a boy who is stronger than I am it is usually because....
he makes a tactical mistake that I am able to exploit.
I've been able to wear him down through superior conditioning.
I'm faster and more agile than he is.
I have a greater knowledge of holds and moves than he does.
When wrestling a guy, what do you do?
I wrestle aggressively from the first whistle going for a quick takedown.
I initially wrestle defensively to get a feel for how strong, fit and effective he is.
I prefer wrestling on my feet.
I prefer wrestling when my opponent and I are both down on the mat.
I've had a coach work directly with me to exploit my lower body strength with specific moves, holds and pinning combinations.
Guys on my team are ok with being my practice partner.
I've had a boy totally pinned, and the Ref refused to call it.
Never happened. The Refs have been fair.
Yes, I was behind on points, but turned him then pinned him. I lost the match becasue the Ref did not call the pin.
I was ahead on points, then put him on his back and pinned him. After the Ref refused to call the pin, I won on points.
I had him pinned, but the Ref did't call it. The guy later came back to pin me!
In some of the matches that I win, there is a specific point when I can sense that I have weakened my opponent physically and psychologically to the point that he is ready to give up.
True. I can feel the fight go out of him, and know I'll have him pinned in a second or two.
False. It takes all of my strength and skill to put him on his back and finish him off.
Beating the guys provides a real sense of accomplishment, but I would rather wrestle in an all-girls league.
Ladies - Thanks for your time. Have a safe and successful wrestling season.
This poll was created on 2009-10-05 23:11:36 by ChrisMccrystal