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Going Green

How do you feel about going paper-less
I love it!
I am apprehensive and don't want it as I have no computer knowledge.
Not sure. Sitting on the sideline.
Hate electronic anything.
Other. Specify
Going, Going Green! Today we are using paper less and less, going electronically whether we like it or not, how will this effect you and your business.? As a consumer you may have noticed more and more companies are not posting out paper bills anymore and email is the way of the future. Is your company geared up for electronic billing?, do you have a customer Data Base? and How do you feel about it? There are a lot of benefits to going electronic, 1.of course the benefits to the planet, 2.once setup it costs nothing, 3.it also can be an automated system and your company can check to see who is reading their mail (email) or not, it is instantaneous so no long waits for the Post to arrive . These are just some of the benefits to your company and the Environment. how do you feel? Cast your vote..... Have your say in the Forum Results
This poll was created on 2009-09-22 23:49:52 by out2lunch