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Confession and Communion (for Catholics)

I try to be a fairly strict catholic because I believe that I am commanded to be. One thing that worries me is more and more people seem (maybe I am wrong about this) to be ignoring the Church's teaching on going to confession before receiving Holy Communion if you are in state of mortal sin. This is to see what people's practice is.

Reminder: this is for Catholics. How often do you go to confession, on average?

26% (13) Never
10% (5) Once a year
12% (6) Once every three months
16% (8) Once every month
8% (4) Once every two weeks
26% (13) Weekly

49 voters have answered this question.

When you go to Mass do you receive Holy Communion ...

34% (17) Always regardless whether I have committed a mortal sin and not confessed
10% (5) Only when I intend to go to confession afterwards
55% (27) Never unless I have confessed any mortal sin

49 voters have answered this question.

Do you examine your conscience (check whether you have committed a mortal sin)...

53% (26) Daily
26% (13) Weekly
8% (4) Monthly
2% (1) Yearly
10% (5) Never

49 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2009-09-14 15:53:09 by catholicmark
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