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Do you have some fear?
Do you have any phobias?
I have one phobia
I have several phobias
I don't have phobias
Choose all the fears from bellow that you have..
Fear of Aging
Fear of Bats
Fear of Being Ill
Fear of Being Stared At
Fear of Bugs or A Certain Bug
Fear of Cars
Fear of a Certain Food
Fear of Closed Spaces
Fear of Clowns
Fear of the Dark
Fear of Death
Fear of the Doctor
Fear of a Dogs
Fear of Eating
Fear of Everything
Fear of Fish
Fear of Hights
Fear of Long Words
Fear of New Things
Fear of Open Spaces
Fear of Phobias
Fear Of Spiders
Fear of the Sun
Fear of Technology
Fear of Vomiting
Fear of the Water
Another Phobia
What caused the phobia/phobias?
A Childhood Experience
An Instinct
I just don't know!
Some Other Psychological Reason
What do you think of your phobia/phobias?
I'm Scared Of My Phobia
It Annoys Me
It's A Great Little Oddity
It Completely Ruins My Everyday Life, I Can't Live A Normal Life
It Doesn't Affect Me At All
It Doesn't Usually Affect Me
It's Freaky
It's Pretty Nice
Man, I'd Want More Phobias!
Did You Even Know That Such Weird Phobias Like Phobia Of Clowns And Phobia Of Flowers even exist?
I Didn't Even Know What A Phobia Is
I Knew Just About Any Phobia You Can Get
I Knew Some Of Them..
I Only Knew The Most Common Ones
I Still Don't Know What A Phobia Is..
I Was Aware Of Many Of The Weird Phobias
This poll was created on 2009-09-10 18:55:12 by Hybow