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Weird and Wacky Inventions

In animes and mangas, there is often an inventor who builts new machines that have bizarre or useless functions, and some times they just look weird. What is your favorite inventions.
Lala Satalin Deviluke from To Love-Ru
Pyon Pyon Warp-kun
Go Go Vacuum-kun
Buzzing Bat-kun
Sniff Sniff Trace-kun
Slosh Slosh Warp-kun
Splish Splash Wave-kun
Chomp Munch Eater-kun
Deru Deru Vision-kun
Easy Easy Runner-kun
Sticky Gooey Launcher-kun
Grabby Grabby Hand-kun
Peke Badges
Spinny Spinny Rope-kun
Bye Bye Memory-kun
Pyon Pyon Warp-kun Deluxe
Jet Dolphin-kun
"Ghost tracker?"
Sui Sui Board-kun
Kon Kon Snow-kun
"Mobile Fireworks?"
Hirobiro Bath-Time-kun
"Transport Rocket?"
"Control Pad?"
Pai Pai Rocket-kun
Compllete Change-kun
Changing Boy-Girl-kun
"X-ray Glasses?"
Slapping Fireworks-kun
Flap Haitatsu-kun
One of the unamed ones
Senbei Norimaki from Dr. Slump
Arale Norimaki
Seethru Glasses
K-9 Robot
Cyborg Bear
Big-Small Ray Gun
Future Camera
Time Slipper
Reality Machine
PonPoko Morph Gun
Invisible Potion
Super-Mecha Ping-Pong
Fairy Tale Machine
Coin operated Lighter
Boxing Robots
Arale-eye Television
Mr Handy
Robot Senbei Norimaki
Mr Copy
Youth Serum
Housebot Akiko
The Letsgomobile
Miniature House
Jet Pack
Lost-N-Found Badge
Honeymoon Spaceship
Anti-gravity Device
Spaceship w/ Anti-gravity Device
Kon-Kon Helmet
Teleport Hat
Dr Mashirto from Dr. Slump
Caramel Man 1
Spy Robot
Caramel Man II
Caramel Man III
Caramel Man IV (Obotchaman)
Caramel Man V
Caramel Man VI
Caramel Man VII
Caramel Man VIII
Turbo Norimaki from Dr. Slump
Robot Turbo
Time Machine
First Sergeant Kururu from SGT. Frog.
Mutsumi's powers
Headphone weapon
Mega Frequency Radio Transmitter
Level Five Virus
Miracle Shrink Gun A.K.A. Midlife Crisis Adjustor
Miracle Grow Gun
Horror Counter
Horror Boxes
Pokopenian Suit Mk I
Pokopenian Suit Mk II
Lady Moa Detctor
Goblin Girl Special Transfomation Beam
Microid Beam
Himawari (Weather Satellite Weapon)
Magma Swimmer
Pokopenian Suit Mk III
Pokopen Invasion Life-or-Death Parcheesi DX
Fouth Dimension Gacha
Cosmic Flower Expo I
Job Pills
Pokopenian Compatible All-Purpose Expansion Card
The Iron Virgin
Hot Looks Pendant
Flash Spoon
Mom Hinata DNA Capsulle
Search Radar and Infatryman Assault Flight Unit
Animals-to-Soldiers Gun
Pokopenian Suit Mk IV: Bear Killer
Aegis (Natsumi's armor suit)
"Plastic Model Maker"
Pokopen Mecha-Invader Machine
Ordinance Patrol Machine (Looks like Natsumi's head)
"Mutant Watermelon"
Specialized Pokopenian Battle Suit Mk V
"Mind Control Badges"
"Ghost Maker"
"Plushie Transformation"
Earth Environmental Activation Canon
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