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Tickled in public

Have you ever been tickled publicly? Was it tickle torture or tickle fun? Was it better or worse to be tickled in front of other people vs. being tickled in private
Have you every been tickled in public?
Yes at school
Yes at the mall
Yes at the park
Yes at work
Yes at an event (concert, fair, other)
Yes at another place
No, only in private
No, never (but I am ticklish)
No, but I would like to be
No I am not ticklish
If you answered yes to being tickled in public, how did you react?
I liked it
I hated it
I begged them to stop and they showed mercy
I begged them to stop and they were mercilious
I was not very ticklish and did not react
I acted in a way to encourage them to keep tickling me
I pleaded to others to help me
I pleaded to the ticklers to stop
I bargained with them to get them to stop
How did their tickling you end?
They grew tired of tickling me and let me go
They showed mercy to my pleading and stopped tickling
They stopped when I was no longer having fun
They stopped tickling when I asked them to
They stopped tickling when another person(s) told us to stop
They stopped tickling me when I was so worn out I could not react (you poor thing!)
They stopped when they found another tickle victim
They stopped when I suggested another tickle victim
They stopped because I told them what they wanted to know
They stopped because I promised them something in return
After they tickled you, how did you feel?
I felt violated
I was in pain
Close to tears, physically and/or emotionally exhausted
I was excited (energetic, adrenaline rush, other)
I liked being the center of attention
I was giddy with laughter
I wanted it to continue
I was glad it had stopped
It turned me on to be tickled
I was afraid it could happen again
I wanted to do it to some one else
I wanted to get revenge
Did you try to get revenge on the ticklers?
Yes, and I succeeded
Yes, but they tickled me instead
Yes, but I failed
No, I was too afraid
No, but I wish I had
No, I did not try
Did you ever get tickled again by the same people?
Yes, most of them
Yes, by some of them
No, but I wish they would
No, but others have caught me :)
No, thank goodness
If tickled in public, what would get the biggest ticklish response from you?
Nothing, I am not at all ticklish
Buried in the sand with my feet exposed, tickled by friends/family/significant others
Buried in the sand with my feet exposed, tickled by strangers
Buried in the sand with my feet exposed, tickled by enemies/rivals
Locked in stockades at a Renaissance fair, tickled by friends/family/significant others
Locked in stockades at a Renaissance fair, tickled by strangers
Locked in stockades at a Renaissance fair, tickled by enemies/rivals
At a social gathering, a group of people you like start to hold you down and tickle you
At a social gathering, a group of Strangers start to hold you down and tickle you
At a social gathering, a group of enemies/rivals start to hold you down and tickle you
If you were tickled in public, how many people were involved in tickling you?
One person (tickle fight, with us tickling each other)
One person, with them tickling me only
Two people tickling me
Three people tickling me
Four to six people
Seven or more tickling me
When they tickled you, describe the circumstances
I was free to struggle and tickle back
I was pinned down and helpless
I was tied, cuffed, or restrained so I could not escape
I was fully clothed
I was in a bathing suit
I was partially unclothed by the people tickling tickling me (socks and shoes removed, shirt pulled up, pants unbuttoned)
I was partially undressed when the tickling began (in underwear, or wearing a towel or other compromising position)
I was nude or close to nude when the tickling begain
My clothes were fully removed by the ticklers without my consent
My clothes were removed with my consent
Did other people try to help you or get involved when you were being tickled?
Yes, they tried to get the ticklers to stop
Yes, they joined in and tickled me more
No, they stood and watched
No, they moved on or tried to not get involved
No but they cheered on the ticklers
No, but they took photos or videos
What kind of fun were the ticklers having?
I think it was sadistic, they enjoyed making me beg and squirm
I think it was a turn on, they were using the tickling to touch me
I think they enjoyed having power over me, and making fun of me
I think they thought it was funny to make me laugh and beg
I think they like having me beg and plead in front of everyone.
I think they wanted to get me to do something or tell them something
Did being tickled in public like this excite you?
No, it wore me out
No, it scared me to be so helpless
No (other)
Yes, it was a turn on to be held and touched like that.
Yes, and being in public made me feel exposed and vulnerable.
Yes, and being in public made iteel more safe and fun, because other people were watching.
Yes, I like being the center of attention.
Who do you prefer to be tickled by?
Significant other (boy/girlfriend, spouse)
Someone you are interested in becoming a significant other
friends (same gender)
friends (different gender)
Other family members
I love being tickled by anyone
I hate being tickled
How old are you?
Under 13
14 to 16
17 to 19
20 to 25
26 to 35
36 or older
How often do you get tickled in public
a few times
a couple times a year
a couple times a month
daily - my life is a living nightmare :)
What is your gender?
Did the ticklers do anything besides tickling to you?
No, they only tickled me
Yes, they verbally taunted me or made fun of me
Yes, they pinched me
Yes, they bit me playfully
Yes, they bit me painfully in order to torture me
Yes, they gave me a wedgie
Yes, they slapped me
Yes, they poked me with sharp things
Yes, they took off some of my clothing to humiliate me
Yes, they took off some of my clothing in a sexual way
Yes, they spanked me
Yes, they sexually teased me
Yes, other:
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