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AFL 50th Anny Showdown

If each of the original AFL teams had a 50th anniversity all-star team, meaning they could have any player from their 50 years while in their prime, who would be champion. Quick Rule: players like a Jerry Rice who played for the broncos for one pre-season at the end of his career wouldn't count. Players should have at least been with team for more than a couple of years. Preferably while in their prime. Note: This is one man's opinion, so I can't satisfy everyone, but I do try.
Which 50th Aniv. All-Star team would be the best?
Buffalo Bills (Top Players: Jim Kelly(QB), OJ Simpson(RB), Bruce Smith(DL) Coach: Mark Levy)
Denver Broncos (Top Players: John Elway(QB), Terrell Davis(RB),Shannon Sharpe(TE),Orange Crush def, Coach:Mike Shanahan)
Houston Oilers/Tennesse Titans (Warren Moon(QB), Earl Campbell(RB), Coach: Jeff Fisher)
Dallas/Kansas City Cheifs (Len Dawson(QB), Derrick Thomas(LB), Marcus Allen(RB), Coach: Hank Stram)
New England Patriots (Tom Brady(QB), Andre Tippett(LB), Super Bowl Def, Coach: Bill Belichick)
New York Jets (Joe Namath(QB), Curtis Martin(RB), Coach:Weeb Ewbank)
Oakland Raiders (Kenny Stabler(QB), Marcus Allen(RB), Howie Long(DL), Coach: John Madden)
San Diego Chargers (Dan Fouts(QB), LaDanian Tomlinson(RB), Kellen Winslow(TE), Coach: Bobby Ross)
If there was a superstar team of all the original eight AFL teams in their 50 year history vs a superstar team of all the orginal NFL teams, before merger. Who would win?
AFL All Time Team
Org NFL All Time Team
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