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Favorite Mario Character

Do you like Mario?
He's the main character! Of course!
He is terrible! Why did Nintendo ever make him?!?!
Do you like Luigi?
He's related to Mario.... Yes!
He is Daisy's boyfriend, but he loves Eclair.......
Do you like Princess Toadstool?
She rocks! Attack Daisy!
She is pathetic, and counts on her boyfriend to do everything for her!
Do you like Toad?
He is awesome! Go mushrooms!
Mmm, mushrooms.... I will eat him....
Do you like Bowser?
I think somewhere in his heart (or where his heart should be) he is very kind.
He is bad!!! He kidnaps Peach, attacks everyone, etc.
Do you like Princess Daisy?
She is awesome! Way better than Peach!
No! She is so terrible!
Do you like Rosalina?
Yes! She's so cool!
How could she become a princess? Send her back to the evil place she came from!
Do you like Toadette?
Yay! Go other mushroom!
I will eat her also!
Do you like Yoshi?
Yoshi is awesome!
Ew, is it a girl or a boy?
Do you like Waluigi?
Yes! He is weird, but awesome!
Do you like Birdo?
Yes! She (or he) is so cool!
Ew, it's evil, yet Daisy's best friend. Is Daisy evil?
Do you like Eclair?
Yes, even though I've never seen her!
Who's that?
Do you like Wario?
Yes! He is cool!
He is so greedy!
Do you like Bowser Jr.?
He is so cute and small!
Hmm, he's related to Bowser...... NO!
Do you like Mr. L? (Green Thunder)
Luigi gone wild, he's bad!
Do you like Pauline?
Yes! She's beautiful!
She's just like Peach, so SHE'S EVIL!
Do you like Baby Peach?
Yes! She's so cute!
She's just as weird as she is as an adult.
Do you like Donkey Kong?
He may be evil, but he is always helping out in Mario Party 8.
Never trust a gorrilla.
Do you like Toadsworth?
Hmmmm...... I'll really have a mushroom feast.....
Do you like Baby Mario?
Yes! He's so cute!
Ew, he is just like Mario as an adult. Weird, mean, and bad.
Do you like Koopa Troopa?
Yes! It's so cute!
No, it's EVIL!
This poll was created on 2009-08-09 13:32:48 by princessdaisy