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### Sexy Fights ###

Who wins the fight? Fighting are actors who appear in the same film
Who wins? Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson? (Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince, 2009)
Daniel (19 years old)
Emma (18 years old)
Who wins? Mischa Barton or Paris Hilton? (The O.C., 2005)
Mischa (19 years old)
Paris (24 years old)
Mischa Barton or Willa Holland? (The O.C., 2006)
Mischa (20 years old)
Willa (15 years old)
Who wins? Mischa Barton or Samaire Armstrong? (The O.C., 2003)
Mischa (17 years old)
Samaire (23 years old)
Who wins? Christian Slater or Helen Slater? (The Legend of Billie Jean, 1985)
Christian (16 years old)
Helen (21 years old)
Who wins? Helen Slater or Thomas Guiry? (Lassie, 1994)
Helen (31 years old)
Thomas (13 years old)
Who wins? Elijah Wood or Macaulay Culkin? (The Good Son 1993)
Elijah (12 years)
Macaulay (13)
Who wins? Shannen Doherty or Winona Ryder (17 years)
Shannen (17 years)
Wnona (17 years)
Who wins? Winona Ryder or Christina Ricci (Mermaids, 1990)
Christina (10 years)
Winona (19 years)
Who wins? Kerri Green or Winona Ryder (Lucas 1986)
Kerri (19 years old)
Winona (22 years old)
Who wins? Kirsten Dunst or Winona Ryder? (Little Womwn 1994)
Kirsten (12 years old)
Winona (22 years old)
Who wins? Kirsten Dunst or Jonathan Timmins (ballboy)? (Wimbleton 2004)
Jonathan (17)
Kirsten (22)
Who wins? Jonathan Timmins or Robert Timmins? (The Prince and the Pauper, 2000)
Jonathan Timmins (13 years)
Robert Timmins (13 years)
Who wins? Alysson Hannigan or Sarah Michelle Gellar? (Buffy, 1997)
Alysson (23 years old)
Sarah Michelle Gellar (24 years old)
Who wins? Alysson Hannigan or Eli Marienthal? (American Pie, 1999)
Alyson (25)
Eli (13)
Who wins? Alysson Hannigan or Eli Marienthal (American Pie 2, 2001)
Alysson (27)
Eli (15)
Who wins? Andrea Elson or Josh Blake? (Alf 1989)
Andrea Elson (20 years)
Josh Blake (14 years)
Who wins? Jonathan Taylor Thomas or Josh Blake (Home Improvement 1998)
Jonathan (16 years old)
Josh (23 years)
Who wins? Jonathan Tayler Thomas or Zachery Ty Brian? (Home Improvement, 1st season, 1981)
Jonathan (09/81)
Zachery (10/81)
Who wins? Alexandra Maria Lara or Anja Kling? (Wo ist Fred?)
Alexandra (28)
Anja (36)
Who wins? Abigail Breslin or Jodie Foster? (Nim's Island, 2008)
Abigail (12 years)
Jodie (46 years)
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