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Dragonball Z: Original Dub vs Redub

A poll comparing the original dub of DBZ to the FUNimation redub
Which version do you like better?
The original dub (276 episodes, and the first 53 done in Ocean)
The redub (291 episodes, with 68 FUNimation episodes preceeding Ginyu Assault instead of 53 Ocean episodes)
Which had better voices and FX?
Ocean dub for the first 53 episodes
FUNimation in original dub
Ocean in Episodes 168-276 (Canada only)
FUNimation in the redub (all 291 episodes)
Which was the better voice for Vegeta?
Ocean (Brian Drummond, a high voice)
FUNimation original dub (Christopher Sabat, slightly deeper than original but still Vegeta-ish enough)
FUNimation redub (Christopher Sabat, a voice nearly as deep as Piccolo's)
Which was the better voice for Zarbon?
Ocean (Paul Dobson, Australian accent)
FUNimation original dub (Christopher Sabat, sounding quite similar to his previous voice)
FUNimation redub (Christopher Sabat, a voice similar to Caroni and King Cold)
Do you like the swearing and cursing that is added in the redub? (ie: Bastard, damn, dammit, pissed, nuts, etc.)
Do you like the graphic violence added to the first 53/68 episodes in the redub?
Which death scene for Guldo was better?
Vegeta decapitating him; he falls to the ground, with his head not attached, then Vegeta kills him with an energy blast
Vegeta decapitating him; his head rolls off his body and curses Vegeta for interference, then Vegeta destroys the head with an energy blast
Though not directly related to the redub... Which voice for Frieza was better?
Ocean (Pauline Newstone)
FUNimation (Linda Young)
Which episodes did you like better?
Episodes 1-53 of the original dub
Episodes 1-68 of the redub
Which name for the first saga do you like better?
Saiyan Saga
Vegeta Saga
Which version do you officially go by?
Original dub
Which version of Recoome and Burter's bet (involving the chocolate nut bar) do you like better?
Burter bets that Guldo loses, and Recoome bets that Guldo wins, yet near the end Recoome gives Burter the chocolate bar even though it looks like Guldo will win
Recoome bets Burter that Krillin and Gohan won't last 5 minutes against Guldo, but they do, so Burter wins the chocolate nut bar fair and square
Which voice for Captain Ginyu do you like better?
Ocean (Richard Newman)
FUNimation original dub (Dale Kelly)
FUNimation redub (Brice Armstrong)
Do you feel Zarbon and Vegeta's voices were ruined by the redub?
Only Vegeta
Only Zarbon
Which do you like better?
All in all, did the redub ruin the show?
This poll was created on 2009-07-03 04:59:25 by Ghostkaiba297