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The Stand Twitter Poll!

As many of you know, there is #thestandpoll taking place on Twitter. Please take the time to respond. My life depends on it. If the vote is in favor of me, @VegasWalkinDude will live forever on Twitter. I shall also draft a petition to Mr. Stephen King demanding that he endorse the change to his novel "The Stand" on Twitter. If against, the hand of God will spank me and I shall be silent forevermore. And now, the quiz:

Should Randall Flagg (i.e. The Walkin Dude, Russell Farraday, Walter O'Dimm, Ageless Stranger) die in Vegas as detailed in the book? Or should the ending be reinvented and he live forever on Twitter, snarking your tweets?

54% (152) "The Stand" must remain untouched and pure. Like Michael Jackson's many sleepover guests.
9% (27) No. Stephen King's ending was a waste of a fascinating, complex, alluring character. And he had a mullet! That counts for a lot.
31% (89) @VegasWalkinDude must live on! And if I don't say this, he'll #unfollowfriday me...
5% (14) @VegasWalkinDude is a tired shtick who jumped the shark about the same time that @motherabigail became archaic and boring. Twitter's The Stand cast needs to die in nuclear fire.
3% (9) Who is @VegasWalkinDude and what the hell are you talking abo...oh look! A Slurpee Machine!

280 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2009-06-30 14:46:23 by VegasWalkinDude
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