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Boys that are a Girl

Boys you wake up an go into the bathroom an you notice that you are now a Girl down there what do you do
You walk in to the the bathroom an pull your panties down an notice that your penis is gone an you now have a vergina what do you do
Sit a go pee
Go tell your mom
Tell your sister
Tell no one
Go back to bed
You still look like a boy exept you have a vergina what do you do
Nothing just get dressed as normal
Play with it
Show your borther
Show your sister
Show your mom
You are at the table eating an you feel wet you get up an goto the bathroom an find out you are having your period what do you do
Yell for your mom for help
Yell for your sister because she will understand
Look for a pantie liner or tampax
Put toliet paper in your panties
Put a wash rag in you panties
You don't have any tampons or pantie liners to use what do you do
Use toliet paper
Put a sock in your panties
Put a wash rag in your panties an hope no one notices
This poll was created on 2009-06-29 12:41:30 by jazz3