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The Law of Power

In the anime & manga series The Law of Ueki, God had 100 God Candidates each give a super power to a junior high school student and have them fight each other. There are rules for this power: Power users are not allowed to use their powers against non-power users, or they lose one talent for each hit. If the power user loses all of his/her talents, then he/she will disappear. Every time a power user knocks out another power user, he/she will gain another talent, senseless or not. If, for any reason, both contestants become unconscious at the same time, the round is a draw: no talents will be gained, and no powers are lost. The contestants must be knocked out within 5 seconds of each other, or the last contestant wins.
Your favorite power?
Change cloaks into wings
Change coins into whirlwinds
Change towels into steel
Change opponent into a glasses-lover
Change rings into a rockets
Turn voices into portraits
Turn all things invisible and colorless
Change dirt into a giant or miniature scythe
Change beads into bombs
Change BB bullets into meteorites
Turn past visions into reality
Turn ideas into reality
Able to move to wherever your knife is when you throws it
Change disks (menko) into buzzsaws
Change bamboo swords into scissors
To animate and make things come alive
Change tomatoes into magma
Make bad puns to become real
Change trash into trees
Turn your forehead into diamond
Change shadows into clay men
Turn photos into toy models
Turn a toy model into a real life working version
Turn your clothing into a barrier
Change Hair into Telescoping Bat
Triple pair of hands
Change whistles (the sound, not the object) into a laser
Turn your hair into a high-powered drill
Turn your body into a giant billiard ball
Turn plans into reality
Turn rubber balls into acid
Change water into fire
Change cotton into stakes
Make drawing into a portal
Change soil into cannonballs
Turn leafs into Knives
Copy another person's power
Reverse one's position with the opponent's
Turn one second into ten seconds for your self
Changing your mouth into a dimensional portal
Change electricity into sugar
Receive text messages with the opponent's thought
Turn your voice into a freezing gas that encases whatever it covers
Change shadows into robots
Your favorite level 2 power?
Double your attack power
Turn the freezing gas into shattered
Undo the opponent's power
Turn steel into super magnets
Allows you to properly operate the real life working versions you make
After you moves, everything within 10 meters is stuck to the ground, including yourself
This poll was created on 2009-06-30 01:56:56 by Master_Geass