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Dominating wives - submissive husbands

If that expression describes your marriage or what you would like in a relationship, explain how does it works. How far will the wife go to dominate her boyfriend/husband? How far a submissive man is willing to go to submit to her?
For the men: When you met your dominant partner for the first time, what is it that you liked so much about her?
1- She seemed self-confident
2- She was dressed in a sexy manner and it intimidated me
3- She was direct and straight forward.
4- She dressed me down, humiliated me and it excited me
For the women: When you first met your submissive partner, what is it that you liked so much about him?
He seemed timid. I find that cute
He was intimidated by my appearance and I liked it
He seemed to like my strong will
I humiliated him, he liked it and so did I
When you started dating, how was it liked?
She wanted to know his opinion/likes/tastes before proposing an activity
She proposed something and expected him to agree
She made all the decisions in advance without consulting him. He's got to follow and that's that.
We were arguing most of the time but she had more than her share of victories
Who initiated sex?
Both of us equally
Most of the time, the man. However she was making the decision to have sex (and how) or not at all
Most of the time, the woman. He felt he couldn't say no.
He wasn't allowed to touch her but she could do whatever she wanted in any way she wanted.
During an argument, what usually happened?
She remained calm and considered my arguments
I wouldn't have much to say. She doesn't like to be challenged
She would beat me and make me kneel to apologize to her
When you started to live together, who was in charge?
We would make propositions and we would decide together of what we would do
I was allowed to make propositions but she always had the final word on everything
I was not allowed to speak. She was in command, bossing me around and we were both happy with that.
When she wasn't happy with your behavior, what happened?
She would tell me about it and we would talk about the problem, solving it together
She wouldn't talk to me for hours, even days, until I apologize
She wouldn't talk much and refused to have sex until I apologize
She would send me in the corner, locked me in my room or washed my mouth with a soap
She would slap me, whip me and force me into submission. I would have to kiss her boots to apologize
Sometimes, the clothes that someone is wearing can say a lot about that person.
I would dress casual and so did she
We would both dress with elegance
I couldn't decide what I wanted to wear. She decided everything and she dressed the way she wanted to.
I was naked most of the time at home except for my collar and other restraints (chastity belt, shackles, etc) while she was dressed sexy (leather, latex, vinyl, high boots, etc)
For the men: how do you feel about living with her?
I like her strong personality but what I like the most is that she respects me
I like her to make most of the decisions
I like her to be the tyrant that she is
She treats me like a slave. It couldn't be better
For the woman: how do you feel about living with him?
I like to have him at my side. I like a challenge, even though I win most of the time.
I like to know what he wants but my likes and priorities rule
I like to see him doing what I want all the time, just to please me
I treat him like a slave and it couldn't be better
This poll was created on 2009-06-23 17:16:22 by Ghis