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Faye vs Hilary

Celeb catfight, they're pissed at each other for insults over casting Hilary Duff for newer movie The Story of Bonnie and Clyde. Lets pretend Faye Dunaway, is in her 20s just like Hilary right now and is getting into a real catfight, instead of a mockery fans are turned on about after Faye denied Hilary of being a real actor. REMEMBER Faye is in her 20s of age in this fight.
Who is more durable, hardy and tougher?
Who is stronger in terms of strength and brute force?
Who is more of a wimp?
Who is a better Bonnie? Note that being a better Bonnie makes a stronger girl.
Fight begins... What do you think would be the most likely thing to happen?
Fight starts with slap-exchanges.
Faye slams into Hilary and have her tackled to the ground.
Hilary tackles and downs Faye.
Gets in catfight, pull hair, strangle, rolling, wrestling. Meow.
Fight continues...
Faye fall unconscious due to slapping.
Hilary faints because she cannot take anymore slaps.
Faye starts kicking and stomping a tackled Hilary, laughing evily, commenting that only a real actress such as herself could play the role of Bonnie and Hilary isn't fit enough.
Hilary sits ontop the downed Faye and stranglers her.
Catfight continues, in a second, Faye emerges ontop while a few seconds later, Hilary pins Faye and goes back and forth with some hair pulling.
Continue... But no the catfight turned serious and emerged into a fistfight of blood and merciless rage.
Hilary walks away in pride and joy, leaving an unconscious Faye behind.
Faye walks away from a slap knocked-out Hilary.
Faye tries to sit ontop Hilary and strangler her, but Hilary boots her double-legged in the stomach, sending Faye flying back and writhes violently with her arms clutched around her stomach.
Faye grabs Hilary by the hair, picks her up, knee her in the stomach and slams her around the room again and again, laughing wildly.
Faye manages to turn Hilary around and sits ontop, violently strangling and shaking Hilary's head with a few slaps and punches.
Hilary picks up Faye, who is trying to relief her throat pain and bodyslams Faye.
Who can take more belly punches?
Ending the fight...
Hilary walks towards Faye Dunaway who is still trying to catch her breath from the belly-kick and kicks her again and again in the belly and ultimately destroys Faye in the fight.
Faye picks up Hilary and rams her hard against the wall. And the Faye slaps, punches and belly knee and elbow Hilary until she falls down ultimately defeated.
Faye manages to choke Hilary until she pleads for mercy.
After a painful slam, Hilary strangles Faye and Faye passout.
Hilary runs away in defeat after Faye strips her.
Hilary strips Faye but instead of running embarrassed, Faye kept struggling against Hilary in the fight but then is knocked out by a hard punch from Hilary.
Lets sum this up and make the message more clearly with one simple vote from each voter. If Faye and Hilary gets into a fist-fight to the end using all means necessary, no escaping and no weapons, who would win? REMEMBER that Faye is in her 20s in the scenario fight!
Hilary manages to win the fight after a long, heart-shaking struggle against Faye
Faye would win very easily over Hilary
Faye won after a long hard fought battle
Faye is too fragile for Hilary and is beaten bad
This poll was created on 2009-06-20 03:43:59 by MissteraPole