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Shirtless Running (guys only)

For male runners and their thoughts/habits of running w/o a shirt
13 and below
50 and up
On a warm day have you ever ran shirtless outside?
To guys who regularly run shirtless, weather permitting, what are your reasons for doing so?
Best way to stay cool
Less restricting
Saves laundry
Prevents nipple chafing
Work on the tan
Show off the abs/muscles
Other- comment in message area
To guys who rarely or never run shirtless, what are your reasons for doing so?
Self-conscious/body image issues
Avoid sunburn
Being shirtless in public is illegal in my city/region/country
Other-comment in message area
What is the minimum temperature at which you start running shirtless?
Below 50 F (10 degrees C)
50 and above
60 F (16 degrees C) and above
70 F (21 degrees C) and above
80 F (27 degrees C) and above
Where have you ran shirtless?
At the track (indoor)
At home on the treadmill
At the gym on the treadmill
At the track (outdoor)
On the street/road
At the park/trails
At an organized race/track meet
When are you shirtless during the run? Check all that apply.
I'm shirtless once I start the run and never bother bringing a shirt with me
I start out wearing a shirt and taking it off once I break a sweat
I usually wear a shirt but will take mine off if I see other guys running shirtless
I start my run shirtless but will bring a safety shirt with me just in case I may need to wear one
I take mine off towards the end or at the end of my run
I always wear a shirt no matter what
If you are running with a buddy, you will run shirtless
regardless of whether my buddy runs shirtless or not
only if my buddy runs without his shirt
On a warm day, If you are running in a group (e.g. track workout, group training run), you will run shirtless...
regardless of whether the guys in the group are running shirtless or not
when one or more of the guys in the group are running shirtless
when half of the guys (or more) in the group are running shirtless
If you brought a safety shirt with you, where do you usually place it?
hang it from my shorts
dump it a specific location and retrieve it later
This poll was created on 2009-06-15 23:44:40 by somedude22