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Moral Dilemas

For each question, choose the answer that most closely represents the course of action you would take.
You have been wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Your appeals have run out, but you are being presented with an opportunity to escape from prison and flee to a place where you cannot be extradited. For the sake of argument, let's say that you will be the only one involved in the escape (so no guilty folks involved in the plot) and your chances of succeeding are overwhelmingly in your favor. Also, no one will be harmed in the escape (i.e. you don't have to commit murder or assault). What would you do?
I would escape
I would not escape. I would serve my sentence.
Not Sure/Other
Same as #1, except you've been sentenced to death by lethal injection.
I would escape.
I would not escape. I would serve my sentence.
Other/Not Sure
You have certain knowledge that your spouse has committed murder. Your spouse is arrested and will be put on trial. According to the law you are not obligated to testify against your spouse. What would you do?
Testify against my spouse
Do nothing. Remain silent, refuse to testify, and see how it works out.
Testify in favor of my spouse (as directed by the defense attourney and in such a way as to not be obstruction of justice)
Do all that is in my power to get my spouse acquitted (including obstruction of justice, making a false confession, etc.)
Other/Not Sure
At a baseball game, you find a $50 bill laying on the ground in front of a concessions stand. What do you do?
Ask the folks around me if this is their $ and give it to someone if she claims it. If no one claims it, then I would give it to the cashier at the concessions stand in hopes that the rightful owner will backtrack to the stand and reclaim her money.
Same as #1; except that if no one claimed it, I would pocket the money.
I would discreetly pocket the money.
Not Sure/Other
Your best friend has just been hired to teach elementary school; however, you know that she did not graduate with her degree and she is lying on her resume (and in fact, has found a way to produce false credentials). What do you do?
Report my friend to her employer.
Try to reason with my friend and persuade her to resign her new position and/or confess that she has committed fraud. If she refuses to listen, then I would report her to her employer.
I would try to reason with her and if unsuccessful, I would keep my mouth shut and leave it up to her conscience.
Other/Not Sure
With regard to the last question, would you retain your friendship with this person?
Yes, absolutely.
I would, but only if she repents and tells the truth.
No, she has proven herself to be an immoral and untrustworthy person.
Other/Not Sure
You are the best-man to your oldest brother who is about to be married. The day before the wedding, you find out that your brother is having an affair with one of the bride's maids. You also know that the bride doesn't know and that she would be horrified if she found out. What do you do?
Tell the bride the truth.
Try to reason with my brother in the hopes that he will confess his affair to his bride and then let them decide whether to go through with the marriage. But if he refuses to tell his bride, then I would tell her.
I would try to reason with my brother but if he refused to listen, I would still keep my mouth shut.
I would wait until the wedding and when the minister asked the congregation, "Is there anyone here who has just cause as to why this couple shouldn't be wed, etc. etc........" I would loudly proclaim my brother's infidelity to all.
I wouldn't do anything. It's none of my business.
Other/not sure
Let's say that you are a Roman Catholic priest and you know that the seal of confession is inviolable (Under no circumstances can a priest disclose the content of a private confession.) A man comes to you and confesses that he has murdered a fellow parishioner (Ms. X) and that he is planning to murder another (Ms. Y) in three days. You have every reason to believe that he is telling you the truth. What do you do?
Nothing; except that I grant him absolution and tell him to go his way.
Nothing; but I do not grant him absolution and I tell him not to come back.
I try to persuade him to turn himself in. I make absolution conditional on his going to the authorities and confessing his crime. But I do not go to the authorities, nor do I speak of this to anyone.
Whether I granted absolution or not; I would try to persuade him to turn himself in. I would not go to the authorities, but I would warn Ms. Y in such a way as to "technically" keep the seal of confession.
I would report him to the authorities and warn Ms. Y.
Other/Not Sure
You discover that your next door neighbor, years ago, committed a horrible rape, but he was never charged (lack of evidence). You are reasonably certain that he committed the crime and you are reasonably certain that your testimony would produce sufficient evidence for the man to be convicted. Also, the statue of limitation has not expired, but this crime happened 30 years ago when the man was 18. Let's say that this man has reformed his life, he married and now he has five young children. He is sincerely sorry for his crime, but he is afraid and unwilling to go to the authorities and take responsibility for it. Also, his wife and the five children are financially and morally dependent on this man (and they know nothing of the crime). If the crime were found out, the whole family would be devastated (financially, spiritually, and emotionally). What would you do?
Nothing. It is none of my business.
I would do nothing. His crime horrifies me but what is past is past and his family needs him.
I would try to reason with this man and get him to confess his crime. If he refused, I would keep my mouth shut.
I would try to reason with the man, but if he refused, I would go to the authorities.
I would go to the authorities.
Other/Not Sure
This question is in 2 parts. The first part involves your relationship to your best friend. The second part involves the college professor who helped your friend cheat: You are in high school and your best friend has just won the "Integrity and Scholarship" award, recognizing his outstanding integrity and his outstanding academic work. You find out, however, that your friend did not write the winning essay for the prize; but he paid someone else to write it for him (he paid a local college professor). What would you do?
I would not go to the school authorities, but I would try to persuade my friend to turn down the award and to confess his cheating to the school authorities.
I would try to persuade him first, but if he refused to listen, then I would go to the school authorities.
I would go right to the appropriate authorities.
Other/not sure
Part 2: What about the professor?
I would try to encourage my friend to contact the professor and persuade the professor to take responsibility for his unethical activity.
I would speak directly with the professor and try to get him to confess.
I would report the professor to his employer and be willing to testify in court if necessary.
Other/Not Sure
You buy a PC game and it was advertised that the PC game includes the full game soundtrack on a CD, which you can play on your car stereo. But, when you open the box, there is no audio CD. You contact the game publisher and find out that the company changed its mind and no CD will be shipped to anyone. Also, there will be no refunds. You are technologically illiterate when it comes to complicated computer procedures and you do not at all feel confident attempting to extract and burn the music files from the game. Also, you do not know anyone who is competent at that sort of thing. On the Internet, you find a website where someone has already extracted the music files and has combined them into one file, which can then be burned onto a CD. Though this is technically illegal, you know that the chances of your being prosecuted for downloading the file are practically nil. Assume for the moment that downloading this file is the only way you can get the CD promised to you when you bought the game. What would you do?
I would save myself a lot of hassle and just download the dang file and burn it on a CD.
Even though I might have a certain moral right to the music, I would still not download it without the publisher's permission because it is illegal.
Other/not sure
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