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What's Your Geass?

In Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Lelouch has the power of the king, "Geass". It gives him the power of the power of absolute obedience. This alows him to do whatever he commands, but only once per person. Each Geass has its own unique set of both abilities and limitations. Many Geass powers have been seen. Which one you want to have. I listed every Geass I've seen and some I made up. Pick whch ever one you like.

Your Geass

46% (103) absolute obedience (Lelouch)
4% (10) suppress/create memories (Charles zi Britannia)
1% (4) body jump (Marianne vi Britannia)
1% (4) precognition (Bismarck Waldstein)
7% (16) to be loved (C.C.)
2% (6) mind reading (Mao)
8% (20) "Time Skip" (Rolo Lamperouge)
0% (2) telepathically (Castor rui Britannia)
2% (6) "The Speed," hyperaccelerate (Alice)
0% (1) augment physical (Dalque)
0% (1) "The Land" maps three-dimensional terrain (Lucretia)
3% (8) "The Refrain" read and manipulate minds (Mao (Nightmare of Nunnally))
0% (0) "The Order" identifies the positions of targets (Sancia)
8% (20) hallucinations
1% (3) confusion
4% (9) mentally invisible
2% (6) mental hyperaccelerate
1% (4) Geass Canceler (Jeremiah Gottwald)

223 voters have answered this question.

Would you trade you geass to become immortal.

32% (69) Yes
45% (98) No-I like my geass
22% (48) No-immortally is overtated

215 voters have answered this question.

What would your Geass do and how would you use it? You don't need to pick one of the above Geass, you can make up one. (Optional)

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51 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2009-06-04 20:47:35 by Master_Geass
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